Missing Specimens
Mission sequence
Requirement: A Damaged Container in your inventory
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Thomas Jansona
- Location: Hightower Outpost
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 18000
Credits: 2700

Audiodyne Mech Armor Gloves
OR Teleract Reflective Armor Gloves
Sonic RPG Launcher Vextronics Sonic RPG Launcher

Item0494.png Overview[]

Retrieve the missing crystal specimens for Thomas Jansona from somewhere in Cumbria Weald.

Item0490.png Objective(s)[]

Collect Crystal Specimens[]

Item0454.png Dialogue[]


Thomas Jansona:

What have you brought me? Oh no! This can't be happening to me! That's my missing parcel container and it's completely damaged. I knew I should have had those crystal specimens delivered by myself personally. Two years of work wasted! Well thank you for bringing this to my attention.
Hey... this is a long shot, but I have an idea! Perhaps my work isn't totally lost. If you could just collect the lost specimens I'd be very grateful. They could be scattered anywhere in Northern Palisades. And be careful with them!


Thomas Jansona:

Wow! I can't believe you found them. I can't tell you how grateful I am. Years of work could have been wasted. Here, take this as a token of my appreciation.

Item0473.png Walkthrough[]

The hardest part of this otherwise easy mission is locating crystal samples; the easiest source can be found laying around the treemite nests northeast of Cumbria Research near the goal of Friendly Wager (-90, 800).

Treemites located around Hightower Outpost (-73, -12) can also drop the Crystals, but rarely enough to complete the mission unless you have some way to kill mites very quickly such as schrapnel.

Main Crystal Source is around -45.3, 891.0 (Marked by Quest Marker) and are located around the bases of the Treemite nests. Crystals are also obtainable by the Treemites that burrow up from the ground in this area as a quest item.

Other Noted Locations: -121-2, 171.3, 668.9 -47, 848 - "agreed, found 15+ at this /loc. Best place to get them. Also a named for the ToO here."