Layout of the minimap

The mini map, also known as the radar, is part of the user interface. It shows your immediate surroundings up to approximately 80m away at the furthest zoom level. The name of your current location zone is at the top of the mini map, and a number of icons are used to represent various objects in your vicinity.


Map Mini Player.png You. The arrow points in the direction in which your camera is currently facing.
Map Mini Friend PC.jpg A player character. This includes clan members.
Map Mini Squad PC.jpg A member of your squad. Map Mini Enemy PC.jpg An enemy player character. These can be encountered during wargame feuds.


Map Mini Enemy NPC.jpg An enemy NPC. These will attack a player on sight.
Map Mini Friend NPC.png A friendly NPC. A player may not attack these, and they will usually help the player fight enemy NPCs in the area.
Map Mini Neutral NPC.jpg A neutral NPC. These will not initiate attacks against the player, but a player may attack them.
player fight enemy NPCs in the area.
Map Mini Escort NPC.jpg A escort NPC. These are typically friendly or neutral NPCs encountered during missions, whom you must escort to a certain location.


Map Mini NPC Armor.jpg An armor vendor.
Map Mini NPC Weapons.jpg A weapon vendor.
Map Mini NPC Medical.jpg A medical vendor.
Map Mini NPC Crafting.jpg A crafting vendor.
Map Mini NPC Military Surplus.jpg A Military Surplus officer.

Locations and items

Map Mini Hospital.jpg A hospital. Upon dying, you can choose to respawn at this location.
Map Mini Workbench.jpg A Crafting Station. Various crafting activities can be carried out here.
Map Mini Waypoint.jpg A waypoint. Can be used to teleport to other waypoints around the current zone.
Map Mini Footlocker.jpg A footlocker. Can be used to store items and credits and share them with other characters on your account.
Map Mini NPC Mission.jpg A mission-related object. Can be an NPC from whom a new mission can be obtained, or a completed one can be turned in, or can also be an ongoing mission objective.

Using the Mini Map[]

Filter list of the minimap

The mini map is a topographic map of the surrounding area. The lines on the map indicate shifts in elevation. Steep cliffs will have many lines compressed closely together; plains will have the lines much more spread out.

In order to interact with the mini map interface, you must be in command mode. Currently, the following operations are supported on the mini map:

  • The map may be minimized by clicking the Minimize button or the default key is BACKSPACE. A minimized mini map currently does not show any data.
  • The zoom factor may be changed between three levels by clicking on the + and - icons on the map. Alternatively, the zoom factor may be changed via the keyboard by pressing the - (zoom out) and = (zoom in) keys.
  • When hovering the cursor over an icon on the mini map, a popup tooltip is displayed identifying what the object is.
  • When mission tracking is on waypoints will show on the outside edge of the mini map when not in range.
  • Modifying the filter list will usually better suit different player's needs. Turning off PLAYERS is recommended, otherwise it may be difficult to find squad-mates.