Med Pack

Med Pack

Med Packs are consumables which restore a certain amount of health. They are single-use and can be purchased from medical vendors.

There are three kinds of Med Packs:

  • Basic Med Pack -- healing over 5 seconds with a 5 second cooldown
  • Standard Med Pack -- roughly one and a half times the amount of healing of a basic pack at twice the credit cost over 5 seconds with a 10 second cooldown
  • Advanced Med Pack -- roughly twice the amount of healing of a basic pack at four times the credit cost over 5 seconds with a 15 second cooldown

Note that using any Med Pack creates a cooldown on all Med Packs, meaning you cannot use a Basic Med Pack and immediately follow it with an Advanced Med Pack.

Levels Edit

Healing Cost Minimum
Basic Standard Advanced Basic Standard Advanced Components* Requirements
I 300 450 600 Currency Credits50 Currency Credits100 Currency Credits200 1
II 450 700 925 Currency Credits100 Currency Credits200 Currency Credits400 10
III 700 1075 1425 Currency Credits150 Currency Credits300 Currency Credits600 15
IV 1100 1650 2225 Currency Credits200 Currency Credits400 Currency Credits800 20
V 1700 2575 3425 Currency Credits250 Currency Credits500 Currency Credits1000 25
VI 2650 3975 5300 Currency Credits300 Currency Credits600 Currency Credits1200 30
VII 4075 6125 8175 Currency Credits350 Currency Credits700 Currency Credits1400 35
VIII 6300 9450 12600 Currency Credits400 Currency Credits800 Currency Credits1600 40
IX 9725 14575 19450 Currency Credits450 Currency Credits900 Currency Credits1800 45
X 15000 22500 30000 Currency Credits500 Currency Credits1000 Currency Credits2000 50

* Crafting components are:

All Med Pack schematics are finished in 2 seconds and create 10 pieces of Med Packs.

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