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A wiki and guide for Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa™,
the massively multiplayer online game developed by Destination Games.
Tabula Rasa closed on 28th February 2009. Thanks to all the developers and GMs for a fun ride.
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Game Basics

Beginners Guide
Installation, setup, and getting started in-game
User interface
What you see on your screen
Terminology and abbreviations
Understanding the game lingo and language
Background story
The story behind it all: The Eloh, the Bane, and the AFS

Cosmos (logos).png

The Universe

Maps and descriptions of the TR universe
Logos elements
The pictographic language of the Eloh, with locations
We'll show you how deep the wormhole goes
The people fighting with us
The enemies we must defeat

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Characters and Equipment

Character classes
The character class tree
Abilities and Trainings
The power we need to win
Equipment to conquer
Equipment to endure
Equipment to assist

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The Logos tablet - also known as the Tabula - is a table of all Logos elements known to a character, representing the Logos knowledge in his head.

To access the Logos tablet open any pane of the Character window, then click the "Logos tablet" tab at the bottom right or simply press "J".

The tablet currently has 10 columns x 39 rows, with the bottom right element missing. This makes a total of 389 logos elements, of which 169 (as of 12/07) are currently in the game.

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