Lost in the Asylum
Mission sequence
Requirement: Sadistic Sabotage
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Supervisor Sheira
- Location: Incurables Ward
Reward giver: Supervisor Sheira
- Location: Incurables Ward
XP: 170,000
Credits: 8,000

Mech Armor Gloves v6 Audiodyne Mech Armor Gloves v6
Stealth Armor Helmet v5 Olympia Stealth Armor Helmet v5
Hazmat Armor Gloves v4 Titan Hazmat Armor Gloves v4
Graviton Armor Boots v1 CryoGen Graviton Armor Boots v1

Overview Overview Edit

Travel into the Incurables Ward and find Mechanic Shanul, Technician Paliv and Engineer Dhimand. They may have additional tasks for you to perform in order to repair the damaged water processing system. Once you have found all three missing Brann, report back to Supervisor Sheira, just inside the Incurables Ward.

Bug Bug! Both of the sub-wing bosses, as well as the warden bot boss, drop keys that can only be looted by the player that landed the killing blow. If an engineer turret or ranger reinforcement kills the boss, the key will not drop and the instance must be reset. Additionally, the keys disappear once used on the appropriate door.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Find Mechanic Shanul
  • Find Technician Paliv
  • Find Engineer Dhimand

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Supervisor Sheira:

I sent three of my best men into the ward, but they not be returning. If you think you are strong, you can be helping by finding them and helping them fix the water system.
We have sent other rescue teams, but they have also not be returning, either. The damn psychos have sabotaged our water processing system, and we be losing water every minute. Our mistake for being merciful, and leaving those animals running water. This mistake I plan to fix.
Look for Mechanic Shanul, Technician Paliv and Engineer Dhimand. If they need your help, then help them. Once you have found all of them, come back and tell me. If you not be food to the cannibals, that is.

Find Mechanic Shanul Edit

Mechanic Shanul:

Thank you for helping me earther. You can tell Supervisor Sheira I am safe, now. If you wish to find Dhimand and Paliv, you will need to recover keycards from Jaikev's lieutenants, Atali and Umank.

Find Technician Paliv Edit

Fresh Brann Corpse:

Technician Paliv is clearly dead. He looks like he was tortured for a long while before meeting his violent end at the hands of one of the Incurables.

Find Technician Dhimand Edit

Engineer Dhimand:

I'm so happy to see you! They were making me repair the Warden Bots and reprogram them to serve Jaikev. I can't even begin to describe the torture they put me through!
No matter how much I want to get out of here, I can't leave until I've repaired the water system. Water is too important here, and I need to shut down those valves. Tell Sheira I'll be back as soon as my job is done!

Debriefing Edit

Supervisor Sheira:

Poor Paliv. Tjat is too bad. I am being glad to hear that Shanul and Dhimand are alive.
I will make sure your efforts are reported to Sigal Nema and Grupa Donal. They will be happy to hear of your success.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

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