A typical Logos shrine

A typical Logos shrine marker

Logos shrines (also known as logos terminals) are artifacts of the Eloh. In such a shrines, a receptive may study a particular aspect of the Logos science and learn a Logos element to unlock any Logos abilities linked to it.

Logos shrines are typically surrounded by characteristic Eloh architecture and statues. Markers, as shown on the right, often guide the way towards hidden shrines. Also, a characteristic jingle noise indicates the presence of a nearby shrine.


A shrine is an object. To "download" a Logos information from a shrine, target the shrine, move closer until the target triangle with the text "Logos Element '<name>'" appears, move closer until the text "Press [T] to use" appears, press [T] and wait until the progress bar at the target triangle bottom reaches 100%. Once you've grabbed the Logos information the mission objective will update and a message "Added Logos Element <name> to Tabula." will appear in the chat window.

One note is that most of the higher level Logos are located in zones with many enemies. If a user is damaged during the Logos absorption process, the user will incur an 'interrupt', which they must start again from the beginning.

Logos shrine list[]

For information about the location of a particular logos shrine, see the article about the particular Logos element you're seeking.