As of 28 October 2007 this list of Wilderness Logos is complete and getting all the logos here (except Future) will get you Wilderness Mentalist title through the Wilderness Targets of Opportunity mission.

The list is based on Category:Wilderness Logos and automatically includes information from each Logos article. The coordinates may be outdated thou.

If you want to update Logos list in the Wilderness zone and its instances feel free to do it here. To correct information about each Logos element you have to update each respective Logos element article.

Note: You may have to purge this page to see changes after updating the Logos articles.

Wilderness Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Foreas Concordia Wilderness [edit]
Area (logos) Area 363 213 619 Wilderness Logos located in Pinhole Falls Cavern. Cavern entrance at 335, 229, 472 mission old [edit]
Attack (logos) Attack 41 190 -333 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Damage (logos) Damage 406 245 441 Wilderness In a cave in a cliff behind a group of Foreans mission old [edit]
Earth (logos) Earth -829 140 -738 Wilderness Requires: Defend (logos) Defend , Yours (logos) Yours , Planet (logos) Planet mission live [edit]
Enemy (logos) Enemy -436 187 -619 Wilderness Behind Imperial Valley mission old [edit]
Enhance (logos) Enhance 832 16 960 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Here (logos) Here -979 285 744 Wilderness Requires: Mind (logos) Mind , Power (logos) Power mission old [edit]
Mind (logos) Mind -110 218 111 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Power (logos) Power 493 288 320 Wilderness Just outside Alia Das, to the south-west, near the cliff edge. mission old [edit]
Projectile (logos) Projectile 188 173 256 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Self (logos) Self -448 163 -108 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Target (logos) Target -906 189 -649 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Time (logos) Time 785 310 71 Wilderness Go up through the Forean structure, and into the alcove in the cliff side. mission old [edit]
Foreas Concordia Wilderness - Caves of Donn [edit]
Feeling (logos) Feeling -201 10 354 Caves of Donn mission recent [edit]
Heal (logos) Heal 178 3 -192 Caves of Donn You need to light all the fires in the instance, per the mission requirements in order to open the door at the end of the instance. mission old [edit]
Trap (logos) Trap -299 41 -251 Caves of Donn mission old [edit]
Foreas Concordia Wilderness - Crater Lake Research Facility [edit]
Around (logos) Around 24 71 -9 Crater Lake Research Facility mission old [edit]
Chaos (logos) Chaos 24 71 -20 Crater Lake Research Facility mission old [edit]
Movement (logos) Movement 0 90 115 Crater Lake Research Facility Just below the Predator at the beginning mission old [edit]
Foreas Concordia Wilderness - Pravus Research Facility [edit]
Communication (logos) Communication -178 5 -86 Pravus Research Facility In Foreas camp, next to lake. mission old [edit]
Control (logos) Control -184 58 132 Pravus Research Facility There is a side passage just south of the NorthWest Fortification - Turn Left mission recent [edit]
Machine (logos) Machine -54 42 -317 Pravus Research Facility Just south of Southwest Fortification mission recent [edit]
Foreas Concordia Wilderness - Guardian Prominence [edit]
Future (logos) Future 348 332 256 Guardian Prominence mission old [edit]