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This list will contain list of all Logos elements locations known to this wiki. The list is almost automatically updated with Logos articles updates - you have to manually include the Logos symbol to the Zone list.

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Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Foreas Concordia Wilderness [edit]
Area (logos) Area 363 213 619 Wilderness Logos located in Pinhole Falls Cavern. Cavern entrance at 335, 229, 472 mission old [edit]
Attack (logos) Attack 41 190 -333 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Damage (logos) Damage 406 245 441 Wilderness In a cave in a cliff behind a group of Foreans mission old [edit]
Earth (logos) Earth -829 140 -738 Wilderness Requires: Defend (logos) Defend , Yours (logos) Yours , Planet (logos) Planet mission live [edit]
Enemy (logos) Enemy -436 187 -619 Wilderness Behind Imperial Valley mission old [edit]
Enhance (logos) Enhance 832 16 960 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Here (logos) Here -979 285 744 Wilderness Requires: Mind (logos) Mind , Power (logos) Power mission old [edit]
Mind (logos) Mind -110 218 111 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Power (logos) Power 493 288 320 Wilderness Just outside Alia Das, to the south-west, near the cliff edge. mission old [edit]
Projectile (logos) Projectile 188 173 256 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Self (logos) Self -448 163 -108 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Target (logos) Target -906 189 -649 Wilderness mission old [edit]
Time (logos) Time 785 310 71 Wilderness Go up through the Forean structure, and into the alcove in the cliff side. mission old [edit]
Feeling (logos) Feeling -201 10 354 Caves of Donn mission recent [edit]
Heal (logos) Heal 178 3 -192 Caves of Donn You need to light all the fires in the instance, per the mission requirements in order to open the door at the end of the instance. mission old [edit]
Trap (logos) Trap -299 41 -251 Caves of Donn mission old [edit]
Around (logos) Around 24 71 -9 Crater Lake Research Facility mission old [edit]
Chaos (logos) Chaos 24 71 -20 Crater Lake Research Facility mission old [edit]
Movement (logos) Movement 0 90 115 Crater Lake Research Facility Just below the Predator at the beginning mission old [edit]
Communication (logos) Communication -178 5 -86 Pravus Research Facility In Foreas camp, next to lake. mission old [edit]
Control (logos) Control -184 58 132 Pravus Research Facility There is a side passage just south of the NorthWest Fortification - Turn Left mission recent [edit]
Machine (logos) Machine -54 42 -317 Pravus Research Facility Just south of Southwest Fortification mission recent [edit]
Future (logos) Future 348 332 256 Guardian Prominence mission old [edit]
Foreas Concordia Divide [edit]
Asleep (logos) Asleep -753 174 822 Divide North by North-East of Northwestern Highlands Waypoint old [edit]
Awake (logos) Awake -134 49 534 Divide Enter the teleporter at -42, 116, 435, and then enter another teleporter at -97, 53, 480. You must complete the mission "Keymaster of Torcastra" before you can use the second telporter. old [edit]
Backward (logos) Backward 290 100 -505 Divide Above the ruined village mission old [edit]
Defend (logos) Defend 106 138 691 Divide West off the path from Foreas Base to Thoria Das mission old [edit]
Enlighten (logos) Enlighten 621 82 -13 Divide Northeast of the ruined tower live [edit]
Friend (logos) Friend -763 146 355 Divide At the end of the road mission old [edit]
Give (logos) Give 746 98 -4 Divide Located within the upper part of the Xanx cave at (695,89,57) mission old [edit]
Increase (logos) Increase -961 128 -623 Divide West of Purgas Control Point mission old [edit]
Life (logos) Life -766 182 525 Divide Cross gorge using fallen tree from -696 150 410 then climb the slope. mission old [edit]
Negative (logos) Negative 184 121 138 Divide North of Foxtrot Outpost mission old [edit]
Now (logos) Now 515 89 764 Divide In the Xanx valley old [edit]
Speed (logos) Speed 141 142 412 Divide Uphill just north of the passage to Foreas Base (from 225,368; the hill is North West) old [edit]
Star (logos) Star 3 116 771 Divide Behind Foreas Base, near the wormhole. old [edit]
Summon (logos) Summon 870 156 526 Divide Inside cave at the top of the ruins
Requires: Friend (logos) Friend , Star (logos) Star , Life (logos) Life , Enlighten (logos) Enlighten , Here (logos) Here
mission old [edit]
Transform (logos) Transform -475 141 583 Divide Directly North of Nidu Dav village, in a small pond mission old [edit]
Victory (logos) Victory -797 122 445 Divide Inside a cave, entrance by the river at (-790, 118, 555).
Requires: Enhance (logos) Enhance , Power (logos) Power , Transform (logos) Transform , Attack (logos) Attack , Enemy (logos) Enemy
old [edit]
War (logos) War 358 87 594 Divide Requires: Area (logos) Area , Attack (logos) Attack , Damage (logos) Damage , Increase (logos) Increase , Here (logos) Here old [edit]

Those (logos) Those 26 -33 -51 Minos Caverns In the Minos Caverns, in the pool just to the left and back of Recon Officer Tyler old [edit]

Foreas Concordia Palisades [edit]
Ground (logos) Ground 240 145 787 Palisades mission old [edit]
Have (logos) Have 278 139 -752 Palisades South of Devils Den: cave entrance is East of Fort Dew at 27, 164, -735 old [edit]
Honor (logos) Honor -310 140 87 Palisades Just north of the Bane bunker west of Hightower Outpost. old [edit]
Knowledge (logos) Knowledge -290 161 984 Palisades Inside a cave on the north edge of map, entrance -219, 175, 945.
Requires: Transform (logos) Transform , Man (logos) Man , Life (logos) Life
old [edit]
Man (logos) Man -180 64 -120 Palisades Inside the Waterfall Cave directly south of Hightower Outpost, enterance at -30, -5
Requires: Power (logos) Power , Control (logos) Control , Life (logos) Life
old [edit]
Planet (logos) Planet 420 110 386 Palisades It can be found located on an island in the south part of Lake Elinor. old [edit]
Through (logos) Through -404 166 635 Palisades From the waypoint at the Cumbria Research Facility, head up onto the hill. There is a small, slightly obscure, path leading up there in the rockface. mission old [edit]
Today (logos) Today -521 188 -42 Palisades SE of Walk of Giants Waypoint on a path, it has 4 lighted pillars around it. old [edit]
Tomorrow (logos) Tomorrow 834 153 -398 Palisades South of Staging Point. old [edit]
True (logos) True -423 148 -417 Palisades Located down on a small isle in Horsetail Falls. mission old [edit]
Yours (logos) Yours 683 162 -802 Palisades Getting to this Logos is tricky. You need to get all the way into the base, by the door to the Treeback Camp instance. There are two doors by the instance entrance, take the door on the left (going East). Go through the tunnel, taking the first right. That tunnel will lead to the shrine. old [edit]

These (logos) These -200 181 -180 Eloh Vale Up on the northern hill on the west side of Eloh Vale. Easily obtained during the flare mission. live [edit]

Arieki Torden Plains [edit]
Add (logos) Add 168 454 742 Plains In the northwest corner of the base mission live [edit]
Container (logos) Container -858 422 -467 Plains Best approached from the east mission live [edit]
Crush (logos) Crush -111 375 -656 Plains Near the crashed Eloh ship live [edit]
Lightning (logos) Lightning -623 464 337 Plains Southwest of Mt. Hellas Outpost mission live [edit]
Looking (logos) Looking -537 431 -213 Plains Best approached from the east mission live [edit]
Or (logos) Or 907 390 40 Plains North from the Relay Station, then down a small trail live [edit]
Repair (logos) Repair 375 423 -420 Plains South of Irendas Penal Colony mission live [edit]
Was (logos) Was -95 432 128 Plains In open sight live [edit]
Was Not (logos) Was Not 1079 450 605 Plains Small alcove by the foot of the mountains live [edit]
Weak (logos) Weak 588 444 227 Plains West of Eir Post, on a small plateau in the crags mission live [edit]

Arieki Torden Incline [edit]
Clarity (logos) Clarity 1180 296 414 Incline Requires: It (logos) It , Is (logos) Is , Not (logos) Not , Time (logos) Time mission old [edit]
Create (logos) Create 692 263 -25 Incline mission old [edit]
Death (logos) Death 1180 296 385 Incline In cave connected to Brann terrorist camp.
Requires: It (logos) It , Is (logos) Is , Not (logos) Not , Time (logos) Time
mission old [edit]
Hide (logos) Hide 635 258 -68 Incline mission old [edit]
Is (logos) Is 900 270 219 Incline On an island close to shore, surrounded by lava. old [edit]
It (logos) It 202 583 596.3 Incline NW of Command Post Badlands, up in the mountains near edge of map in small glade old [edit]
Near (logos) Near -578 243 -472 Incline mission old [edit]
Not (logos) Not -903.2 295 -10.8 Incline West edge of map, go West from the constructor bot field and you'll see a path up the hill leading to two glowing pillars. Logos is up there live [edit]
Teleport (logos) Teleport 694 257 -75 Incline mission old [edit]

Arieki Torden Mires [edit]
Destruction (logos) Destruction -328 221 187 Mires mission old [edit]
Effect (logos) Effect 103 215 323 Mires mission old [edit]
Location (logos) Location -721 256 536 Mires Just outside the northern end of the tunnel mission old [edit]
Many (logos) Many -313 240 -202 Mires Inside a small Bane compound. Easiest to access from Quicksilver Post. mission old [edit]
Of (logos) Of 32 237 666 Mires Head up the path from below Condor toward the Fluxite Mines. At the top of the hill the path takes a hard right to the north... ignore it and continue west through the stone arch. The Logos is just beyond the arch guarded by (typically) 2 Bane. old [edit]
On (logos) On 430 -190 23 Mires Almost fully encircled by crags, approach from Fort Lapyx. Up bank near Lightbenders. old [edit]
Return (logos) Return -179 206 81 Mires mission old [edit]
Spirit (logos) Spirit -100 268 -400 Mires Follow the top of the ridge south from Checkpoint 17 teleporter. mission old [edit]
Will Be (logos) Will Be -339 247 -304 Mires Just south of midway between Checkpoint 17 & Quicksilver Post. High on a hillside overlooking a waterwheel. old [edit]
Will Not (logos) Will Not -403 214 -656 Mires Go straight east on the path out of Baylor Base. Pass under a rock arc and keep following it as it wraps around down the cliff face. live [edit]

Neph (logos) Neph 282 108 562/155 Bane Fluxite Mines Through a cave-in at the top right of the map old [edit]

Foreas Valverde Plateau [edit]
Before (logos) Before -592 410 161 Plateau South across the chasm from Pinnacle Watchtower. Travel from Velon Das, or through the Warnet tunnel. Watch out for Stalkers interrupting your learning. old [edit]
Choice (logos) Choice -436 403 540 Plateau On top of the hill north of Northwest AFS (CP), approach hill from the west live [edit]
Eloh (logos) Eloh -290 309 -699 Plateau Underneath the western waterfall of Maligo Creek, approach by curved trail to the west. old [edit]
Empower (logos) Empower -444 380 882 Plateau In the Mox cave, entrance at (-450,716).
Requires: The (logos) The , Choice (logos) Choice , Not (logos) Not , Yours (logos) Yours
old [edit]
If (logos) If 90 321 153 Plateau On a ledge south and below Waypoint: Trinity Bridge old [edit]
Only (logos) Only 678 464 -838 Plateau In a cave south of Septic Bog (entrace 622, 440, -823). Easy access by going south and then uphill east from Ustor Yard entrance. old [edit]
Past (logos) Past -120 327 -702 Plateau In the middle of a cave tunnel going between the western and eastern waterfalls. mission old [edit]
Strong (logos) Strong -499 319 19 Plateau Inside warnet cave along the river below Pinnacle Watchtower, entrance at (-460,130). old [edit]
The (logos) The 377 368 602 Plateau Above the New Velon village, climb the ramp just outside the south exit. live [edit]
Vortex (logos) Vortex -115.8 -482.2 -324 Plateau Inside cave along the Maligo Base moat, just below the central ramp. Entrance at (-122, 405, -392).
Requires: Eloh (logos) Eloh , Empower (logos) Empower , Only (logos) Only , The (logos) The , Strong (logos) Strong
mission live [edit]

Foreas Valverde Pools [edit]
How (logos) How -314 873 749 Pools Accessed from a cave with an Eloh hologram immediately to the right of Retread Caves instance entrance. old [edit]
In (logos) In -887 941 527 Pools Right next to the dropship landing zone old [edit]
Lightness (logos) Lightness 312 885 380 Pools Accessible from a cave inside the Retread Outpost Control Point, entrance (275, 301).
Requires: Many (logos) Many , Will Not (logos) Will Not , Question (logos) Question , The (logos) The , Past (logos) Past
live [edit]
Nothing (logos) Nothing 92 840 378 Pools in a small deep valley just west of Retread Outpost old [edit]
Permit (logos) Permit 248 726 202 Pools In the cave by the Eloh Cave waypoint, entrance at 250, 70
Requires: If (logos) If , You (logos) You , Give (logos) Give , Choice (logos) Choice
old [edit]
Question (logos) Question -240 888 820 Pools Outside of the Retread Caves instance entrance, to the right.
Requires: Knowledge (logos) Knowledge , Will Be (logos) Will Be , Yours (logos) Yours
old [edit]
What (logos) What 893 683 179 Pools Just south of the entrance to the East Listening Post next to a stone shrine. old [edit]
When (logos) When 11 687 -492 Pools Behind a rock south of Lake Morass old [edit]
Where (logos) Where -666 748 -394 Pools In the hills west of Bane Comm Center CP old [edit]
You (logos) You -86 863 462 Pools South-east of the Retread Camp WP (not the Retread Outpost CP). Easily visible if you run up the pyramid and look down and southeast. old [edit]

Distance (logos) Distance 38 10 -16 Lamna Armory Can be reached after killing the overlord (need the keys from the three sub bosses, insert in the slots on the left of the door and press the button to unlock). mission old [edit]

Far (logos) Far -40 -110 -224 Turpis Refinery in an unmapped cave section beyond the south-eastern end of the looping central corridor mission old [edit]

Foreas Valverde Marshes [edit]
Ancestor (logos) Ancestor 555 217 -189 Marshes In the Burning Mire almost near the middle live [edit]
Cloud (logos) Cloud -76 222 -719 Marshes live [edit]
Confront (logos) Confront -344 221 671 Marshes It's West of Falcon Hold along the edge of the map behind some rocks live [edit]
Cosmos (logos) Cosmos 89 225 -716 Marshes live [edit]
Evil (logos) Evil 550 235 -680 Marshes Access from Bane Repair Station.
Requires: Fear (logos) Fear , The (logos) The , Neph (logos) Neph , In (logos) In , You (logos) You
live [edit]
Fear (logos) Fear -87 220 -560 Marshes live [edit]
Good (logos) Good -508 232 -690 Marshes live [edit]
Logos Element (logos) Logos Element 122 218 50 Marshes In the Eastern Mud Pit right out side of a Bane structure live [edit]
May (logos) May 750 217 754 Marshes In the same cave as the P'reo Das entrance live [edit]
Meet (logos) Meet -508 212 -850 Marshes found in a cave with entrance at -502, 217, -780.(/loc coords. map coords is -511,-616) It's a small cave passage behind trees. live [edit]
Opposite (logos) Opposite 305 218 -37 Marshes Right next to an Eloh statue in the eastern mud pit live [edit]
Rain (logos) Rain -440 222 -320 Marshes live [edit]

Logos (logos) Logos 608 -27 Logos Research Facility mission live [edit]

Civilization (logos) Civilization -30 57 18 P'reo Das Access through a small channel in E'bae Marsh behind E'bae Das, entrance (-80, 55, -84) live [edit]
Disperse (logos) Disperse -34 374 P'reo Das (map coords) In the central console of the Bane control room mission live [edit]
Arieki Ligo Crucible [edit]
Because (logos) Because 787 152 169 Crucible From the north west exit of Outpost Intrepid (by Lieutenant Sherer) follow the path around to the left live [edit]
Blind (logos) Blind -268 181 228 Crucible The logos is found in through the south passage on the lowest level of the Staal Detention Center. live [edit]
But (logos) But 52 221 152 Crucible At the end of the path across the bridge from Prometheus Outpost, overlooking the large lava lake to the east of Staal live [edit]
Everyone (logos) Everyone -289 248 -4 Crucible In a small cave. live [edit]
Love (logos) Love 600 181 -236 Crucible Through an eastern tunnel in Khulago Base.
Requires: Good (logos) Good , Is (logos) Is , Asleep (logos) Asleep , In (logos) In , Neph (logos) Neph
live [edit]
Pick Up (logos) Pick Up 782 171 762 Crucible In the rubble to the north of Fort Intrepid Ruins outside the main wall live [edit]
Plant (logos) Plant -255 251 581 Crucible live [edit]
Seeds (logos) Seeds -742 298 439 Crucible On a small bluff with two connecting stone arches. live [edit]
Submit (logos) Submit 32 233 -2 Crucible This Logos is protected by two Eloh doors. These doors are in about the center of a cave just south of the top entrance of Staal. (32,232,40)
Requires: Everyone (logos) Everyone , Plant (logos) Plant , Seeds (logos) Seeds , Of (logos) Of , Evil (logos) Evil
and Logos (logos) Logos , Is (logos) Is , How (logos) How , Everyone (logos) Everyone , Transform (logos) Transform
live [edit]
Weave (logos) Weave 481 167 208 Crucible Fun fact: The Logos is not properly shown above the pad. (Read: This may no longer be the same logos.) live [edit]
Arieki Ligo Thunderhead [edit]
Hold (logos) Hold 800 382 -811 Thunderhead live [edit]
Ice (logos) Ice -843 390 -191 Thunderhead live [edit]
Journey (logos) Journey -583 430 -397 Thunderhead live [edit]
Night (logos) Night 425 298 59 Thunderhead live [edit]
Place (logos) Place 842 379 -74 Thunderhead live [edit]
Rebirth (logos) Rebirth -362 425 480 Thunderhead Along the ridge leading to the Quasso Station entrance forcefield amongst Xanx. live [edit]
Together (logos) Together -150 404 404 Thunderhead In the Devil's Backbone hill immediately south and a touch west of the Quasso Station entrance. Scramble up the NE face to reach. live [edit]
Which (logos) Which 291 406 389 Thunderhead live [edit]
Bomb (logos) Bomb -332 4 60 Quasso Station Requires: You (logos) You , Hold (logos) Hold , The (logos) The , Planet (logos) Planet , Together (logos) Together live [edit]
Arieki Ligo Ashen Desert [edit]
And - With (logos) And / With -577 345 611 Ashen Desert live [edit]
At (logos) At -343 338 694 Ashen Desert live [edit]
Immortality (logos) Immortality 618 335 -33 Ashen Desert Up a rock incline near the Bane missile silos. Easy to spot. live [edit]
Lost (logos) Lost -101 334 22 Ashen Desert On a hill overlooking Sheitan Embankment Bane base from the south. live [edit]
Ours (logos) Ours -212 302 507 Ashen Desert live [edit]
Dominate (logos) Dominate -113 114 -602 Bane Conscription Facility Cave entrance -126,145,-537 live [edit]

Arieki Torden Abyss [edit]
Believe (logos) Believe -509 500 224 Abyss Beneath the passage between Tantalus Cavern and Styx Cavern. From the Styx Cavern end take an immediate sharp left and follow the passage around to (-420, 516, 224). live [edit]
Fire (logos) Fire 92 537 -413 Abyss In the south east of the Devil's Cauldron cave live [edit]
Growth (logos) Growth -315 183 -440 Abyss Jump off the cliff at -350, -540 (don't worry, you can really jump without dying). Requires Believe (logos) and Jump (logos). You may want to merely step off the cliff as opposed to leaping off at high speed so that you don't crater while you're teleporting into the room. live [edit]
Jump (logos) Jump -408 528 318 Abyss In the far northwest of the map in a cavern that opens off the route between Tantalus Cavern and Styx Cavern. Guarded by Overseer Grimor. live [edit]
Poison (logos) Poison -315 550 -136 Abyss Up the hill immediately south of the tavern live [edit]
Imbalance (logos) Imbalance 510 568 -190 Abyss Just east-south-east of Tampei settlement; carry on up the hill past the waypoint teleporter live [edit]
Foreas Valverde Descent [edit]
Coming (logos) Coming -357 623 -66 Descent Up a small rock incline north of Camp Cato. live [edit]
Others' (logos) Others' 603 366 -106 Descent In a small alcove in a southeast corner of Mal Dys. live [edit]
Phi (logos) Phi 24 459 570 Descent It is probably easiest to drop down from the cliff east of the Phantom Perch waypoint. It is also accessible by ascending a short ramp outside the western exit of the Antaeus Hollow waypoint. live [edit]
Signs (logos) Signs 385 320 Descent live [edit]
There (logos) There 300 610 Descent live [edit]
Winter (logos) Winter -657 671 187 Descent In a secluded overlook west-northwest of the Virgil's Resonator Control Point. It is only accessible by dropping down from the ramp outside this CP. live [edit]

Open (logos) Open 550 3 -248 Outpost Inferno Once almost through the instance, there will be an Eloh door (no req). Beyond is a fork with another door and a dead end. The logos is found on the DEAD END path. The door (no req. again) contains an Eloh reliquary (chest). live [edit]
Function (logos) Function 256 171 -285 Sanctus Grotto There is a unique Eloh symbol puzzle lock during the mission to gain access to this logos. mission live [edit]
Foreas Valverde Howling Maw [edit]
Child (logos) Child -1374 182 548 Howling Maw Take the right path around the ravine. In the cave, leave through the central exit. Cross the bridge. The logos is guarded by the boss Phage and several Infected Foreans. live [edit]
East (logos) East -220 214 631 Howling Maw live [edit]
Everyone's (logos) Everyone's 232 249 -493 Howling Maw Requires: Take (logos) Take , That (logos) That , Which (logos) Which , Is (logos) Is , Yours (logos) Yours live [edit]
Father (logos) Father 319 172 -1138 Howling Maw In a cave in the river on the southeast area of Howling Maw live [edit]
Few (logos) Few -470 123 -490 Howling Maw The alcove is accessed via a local teleporter inside the CP.
Requires: North (logos) North , South (logos) South , East (logos) East , West (logos) West
live [edit]
Mother (logos) Mother 868 215 410 Howling Maw Through a cave on the northeast shore of Lake Divinus. live [edit]
North (logos) North -905 239 -91 Howling Maw live [edit]
People (logos) People 56 203 -522 Howling Maw live [edit]
South (logos) South 632 238 -517 Howling Maw In a narrow ravine, guarded by miasmas (stationary) and a patrol. (avoidable) live [edit]
Take (logos) Take -1408 251 157 Howling Maw Atop a cliff on western edge of map, guarded many Warnets. live [edit]
That (logos) That -968 234 -1093 Howling Maw In a high level zone, but unguarded. Head northwest from the wormhole, and you'll find it in an opening in the cliffs. live [edit]
West (logos) West 665 162 -802 Howling Maw Southeast lake/river area of map, swim under a fallen head statue into cave to reach. live [edit]

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