Logos is the power that controls all matter and energy in the universe,i.e. "the very fabric of the cosmos" [1].

The Eloh, the benefactor alien race, have superior knowledge of Logos and are able to use it as a psionic power, controlling matter and energy with the power of mind. They share their knowledge with other races in the universe through Logos symbols , which form both a pictographic scripture and allow for understanding the Logos power, and to use the Logos abilities. Knowledge of Logos can be seen as a science, philosophy or even religion.

Note: Contrary to common intuition, the name "Logos" is not the plural of "logo". It does not refer to the symbols used in Eloh scripture. Instead, it is an uncountable noun derived from the ancient greek word λόγος (logos) which in philosophy stands for the fundamental order and principles governing the cosmos. For more informations, see Wikipedia's article about "logos".

Logos elements Edit

Logos example

Typical Logos symbols

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Logos elements - also known as Logos symbols - form the pictographic scripture of the Eloh, which they use to communicate with other alien races across the galaxy, and to teach them the power of Logos. Learning Logos symbols allows the player to decipher text messages from the Eloh found in various places across the game. At the same time, learning a particular Logos symbol gives the player insight into a particular aspect of Logos and allows him to utilize any Logos ability linked to it (as far as his class allows).

Logos received

Player Receiving a Logos Element

To learn out a Logos symbol the character must seek out the Logos shrine linked to the symbol and "download" the Logos information from it. When a character learns a Logos symbol, it will be added to his Logos tablet.

For more general information, see: Logos element

Logos abilities Edit

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Logos abilities are psionic powers that allow the player to control matter and energy with the power of mind, based on knowledge of Logos.

Each Logos ability is linked to a certain class and requires the knowledge of one or more Logos elements.

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Logos shrines Edit

Logos shrine

A typical Logos shrine

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At various places scattered across the planets who have been in contact with the Eloh, their followers have built shrines. At each of these Logos shrines the player may study one particular aspect of Logos, learn a Logos element and gain access to any Logos abilities linked to it.

For more general information, see Logos shrine.

For information about the location of a particular logos shrine, see the article about the particular Logos symbol you're seeking.


Richard Garriott has mentioned a few times in interviews about TR that he is a fan of and a strong believer in the theory of everything, and that this is the basis for Logos.