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Class: Recruit Recruit
Tier: 1
Logos Required
Power (logos) Power


Lightning is an ability of the Recruit class. It has 60 meters range.

"Utilize command of Logos to manipulate electric fields to create a strong electrostatic discharge that can kill or severely injure opponents.

Usage Edit

Because of the fact that it doesn't consume any kind of ammo, and because of the massive damage that it causes, Lightning is a very powerful ability that is useful not only for recruits, but for all tiers.

It may be worth considering to have more than one version of this ability in the ability tray: Lightning Discharge (level I) for energy saving against single targets, or to minimize aggro effect, and a higher level (II - IV) version for standard use with AoE damage.

You will still need some type of other weapon to use as you begin as you only have a limited amount of energy to use for your lightning and when that is low you better have hand to hand or a weapon ready or leave battle.

Progression Edit

Pump Lightning I: Discharge Lightning II: Arc Lightning III: Thunderstrike Lightning IV: Field Lightning V: Storm
Icon Lightning p1 Lightning p2 Lightning p3 Lightning p4 Lightning p5
Target Enemy - Single
Range 60 meters
Base Damage 180-240 - Electric 240-300 - Electric
Arc Target Enemy - Single
Range Up to 12 meters Up to 18 meters Up to 24 meters Up to 30 meters
Damage 210 - Electric 90 - Electric 210 - Electric
Extra Damage 50% - Sonic
Stun Chance 50%
Duration 3 seconds
Storm Target Enemy - AoE
Area 30 meter radius
Damage 60-90 - Electric
Effect Hits every 2 seconds
Duration 6 seconds
Activation 0.5 seconds
Cooldown 1.2 seconds
Power 25 50 75 100 150


The Arc hits one more enemy in arc range from your primary target. Beware of Lightning III: Thunderstrike which has much lower arc damage then pump 2,4 and 5.

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