Type: Biological
Weak To: Sonic Sonic
Resists: Fire Fire
Ice Ice
Immune To: Laser Laser


The Lightbender is the Bane's long range marksman. Though smaller and weaker than the average Thrax soldier, their rifles can dish out better damage than their Thrax counterparts. They are called Lightbenders in the field because they have a natural ability to turn invisible. Scientists say that they can bend light around themselves, making them difficult to see like the AFS stealth suit.

Lightbenders have little health and almost any weapon can take them out relatively quickly. Due to their weakness, sonic weapons can take out Lightbenders in one or two shots. DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Light Benders are shaped generally like a bipedal weasel. (Lithe body, longer limbs) and stand about 5-6 ft tall.

Damage TypeEdit

Physical, Energy

Weapons UsedEdit

Laser Rifles

Special AttacksEdit

Light Benders have the ability to flash their opponents, temporarily blinding them and may use their quills to attack when in close combat.


Light Benders wear light armor and can use their ability to reflect light to hide from their enemies.


Under fire, Light Benders have shown a potential susceptibility to sonic weapons. However, Lightbenders have a natural immunity to laser fire.

Attack RangeEdit

Mid to Long Range


Light Benders were enslaved by the Bane and forced to become “stealth” units, so they are usually found within the ranks of Thrax soldiers.

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