Leech Gun (training)
Leech Gun (training)
Class: Specialist Specialist
Tier: 2
Logos Required


Leech Gun is a Training of the Specialist class, allowing the use of Leech Guns.

"Allows use of Leech Guns, which damage targets while leeching Armor and Health. The leeched Armor and Health repairs and heals the user and nearby squadmates. At Pump III, gain Fast Reload. Each skill level offers a 10% increase in damage.
Damage Conversion: 25%
Conversion Radius: 10m"


No action is required to utilize this training. The player may invest additional training points to improve the effect. For further instructions, see: Skills window


Name Novice Training:
Leech Gun
Layman Training:
Leech Gun
Expert Training:
Leech Gun
Master Training:
Leech Gun
Elite Training:
Leech Gun
Weapon Damage Bonus +0% +10% +20% +30% +40%
Reload Time -20% (2.4 seconds) -40% (1.8 seconds) -60% (1.2 seconds)


The greatest appeal of the leech gun is that all damage it does to the health and armor of its target is restored to the guns operator. Additionally, any squadmates standing near enough to the operator are also healed. The downsides are that it tends to do less damage than other weapons, it beads only slightly faster than a rocket launcher, it burns through a lot of ammunition (although such ammunition is often of a lower grade than weapons of comparable level), and it reloads very slowly (mitigated somewhat at higher pumps). While it is unlikely to be anyone's favorite choice for primary weapon, in a heated fire-fight it can quite useful, allowing the Specialist wielding it to kill the enemy and heal his squad-mates without worrying about healing and repair tools.

Damage VarietiesEdit

In early levels there are two kinds of leech guns. The standard weapon uses energy cells as ammmunition and, like most other weapons, it first drains armor before damaging health. A second more rare form a leech gun called a Virulent Leech Gun also exists. This weapon uses pharmaceuticals for ammunition and directly damages enemy health, bypassing armor altogether. This means that it will not restore the users armor, but it will kill most targets faster than the standard weapon.

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