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Leaky Pipes
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Engineer Dhimand
- Location: Incurables Ward
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP:  ?
Credits:  ?


Overview Overview Edit

Get Engineer Dhimand his tools and keep him alive so that he can fix the pipes.

Note: Completion of this mission is required for Crucible Targets of Opportunity

Note: If you die during the escort part of mission you will fail it and cannot reacquire it without resetting the instance. It is better to clear the area to the water maintenance area before returning the tools to Dhimand, and then get the mission.

Bug Bug! Both of the sub-wing bosses, as well as the warden bot boss, drop keys that can only be looted by the player that landed the killing blow. If an engineer turret or ranger reinforcement kills the boss, the key will not drop and the instance must be reset. Additionally, the keys disappear once used on the appropriate door.

Bug Bug! If the key was not dropped for you then the door will remain closed but you can walk through the closed door. Enemies as well as reinforcements cannot pass through it but players can.

Bug Bug! If you die within the area through the passable-closed door and die on the inside, then the door will solidify making a second "wall hack" impossible.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Engineer Dhimand:

With you I can fix what that maniac Jaikev and his sister Parvatee broke. If I don't seal down those pipse and fix the water system, then Staal will be out of water by the end of the month. That's a death sentence in this Ollj, and I'd be thankful for your help.
This is being the happiest day of my life. i thought I was going to die down here. I'd like to be running out of this place screaming, but I've got a job to do.
Jaikev showed me the water processing units he damaged, and the whole section is completely flooding. Problem is, he stole my tools and the replacement parts from me, and I can't do anything until I get them back. I need you to get them for me.
Don't worry about me here. I programmed the Warden Bots to protect me, and as long as I look like I'm doing Jaikev's bidding, the lunatics leave me be. Then we can get started sealing the water flow to this Ollj.

Debriefing Edit


Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

This mission is fairly straightforward but it has a few quirks. Engineer Dhimand will ask you to retrieve his tools from Jaikev. You'll find Jaikev in his Throne Room in the Jaikev's Sanctum section of the Operation zone. You will have to kill Jaikev and his sister Parvatee and a few Incurables. Jaikev is an Boss-level Incurable Berserker, and Parvatee appears to be a Boss-level Incurable Guardian. Once they are dead, Dhimand will appear in the hallway nearby.

Note: The mission Rehabilitation at Gunpoint also requires that you kill Jaikev and Parvatee. The next step is to escort him to the pipes so that he can repair them. The area has partially flooded due to the broken pipes so you'll have to wade through hip-deep water while fighting a good number of Incurables.

When you reach the Water Processing System, Dhimand will get to work and you will be tasked with defending him. Three waves of Incurables will spawn in the hallway outside, the first about 15 seconds after you arrive, the second about 45 seconds after the first, and the third wave spawns roughly a minute after the second. Shooting through the doorway can sometimes prevent your weapon from dealing damage so it's a good idea to wait for them in the hallway. It will take about 2 minutes for Dhimand to finish his work. Once finished, you will have to escort him out.

On the way out, new Incurables will spawn along your path so you will have to fight your way out. Also, it appears that getting too far ahead of him will cause the mission to fail, so do not use a portable waypoint or high levels of Sprint. If that happens, you will need to reset the instance in order to complete it. This will mean obtaining the Keycards again, since they disappear when used.

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