Lava Beast
Mission sequence
Requirement: Consensus
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Headquarters
- Location: Magma Caverns
Reward giver: Headquarters
- Location: Magma Caverns
XP: 130,000
Credits: 9200

Overview Overview Edit

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Find Ember's Lair
  • Kill Ember and the Flaregashers

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit


If you see any Magmonix around, Ember is likely hiding somewhere nearby. Be careful if you run into him, look out for flaregashers and other aggressive Magmonix, and kill him if you can.

Debriefing Edit

Thank you for your help, I'll tell my men that Ember the lava beast is finally dead!

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

The Ember lair is located in a cave, north of Magmonix Grounds. Ember is not alone, she is with a flaregasher boss called Backdraft and 3 normal flaregashers. Ember will not make a lot of damage, but she have a pretty nice tank and high life regeneration. The 4 flaregashers with her, particularly Backdraft can quickly kill you. The best way is killing the flaregashers first, then dispose of Ember. Once all of them have been killed, a crate appear, with 2 random quality (usually blue, but often purple) items inside, and often locked so non-tech types are out of luck yet again.

Bug Bug! If you kill Ember before the update of the objective (could happen if you don't come close enough, especially with ranged weapons, or if you bait them out), you will not be able to complete the mission. So don't forget to enter inside the lair, until the objective is updated, before killing bosses.

This quest doesn't count in Abyss ToO, nor in any Magma Caverns quest bonus. You have this quest to do either if you are in Rebel or Penumbra side, from a radio message.

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