Kill the Queen
Mission sequence
Requirement: Create the Queen Lure
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Information Spec. Gooding
- Location: Warnet Caverns
Reward giver: Information Spec. Brumley
- Location: Warnet Caverns
XP: 38,000
Credits: 3,800

lvl 16Electric Net Gun AccuMax Electric Net Gun (Experimental) OR
lvl 19Leech Gun Vextronics Leech Gun (Experimental) OR
lvl 15EMP Pistol Vextronics EMP Pistol (Experimental)

Overview Overview Edit

Use the Lure to find and kill the Warnet Queen to get the unknown object. Bring it back to Information Specialist Brumley inside Warnet Caverns.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Place the Lure (Warnet Queen Lure Warnet Queen Lure)
  • Kill the Warnet Queen
  • Recover the Eloh Artifact
Goo Covered Object Goo Covered Object x 1

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Information Spec. Gooding:

Ok just a second, one last thing... OK, it's ready.
There, now it should work just fine. Remember place this in the middle of her large cavern, and then activate it. It emanates low-frequency vibrations along with a pheromone mist which should attract the queen. It could also attract maybe other Warnets. Be careful, the Warnets should appear soon after the machine is activated.
It's vital that you find the object that is causing all the warnets to be so aggressive. Once you find it, bring it back to Information Specialist Brumley for study.

Debriefing Edit

Information Spec. Brumley

You say it worked! Excellent to hear that it was a success! Not bad for impromptu field work. Excellent work solider [sic], your name will be remembered for your valor and your help in furthering our studies or something. Let me just clean off that Eloh artifact we've got here. Incredible. This is so fascinating... these markings...
Oh... you're still here? Here's your reward. Can't you see I'm busy?

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Kill the Queen Warnet Matriarch in the big cavern. She is a bit tougher than a regular Queen Warnet, but otherwise has no surprises. The artifact is found on her body.

It seems you don't actually need to place the lure for the queen to turn up in the middle of the water in the cavern.

Once you kill the queen and recover the artifact, you return to Brumley at The Dig Site for your reward.

Agreed. It is easier if you kill the Matriarch first before you set the lure. Kill her, grab the artifact, head back up and set the lure. That way you don't have to wade through a bunch of Warnets to get to her. She is all by herself before the lure is set.

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