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Type: Biological
Weak To: Electric Electric
Resists: none
Immune To: Sonic Sonic

Kennilaxx is a huge Howler found in Concordia Palisades. He spawns in the far east end of Cumbria Weald, between Camp Elinor and River-base Krimm. Two common spawn points are just to the east of the north gate of River-base Krimm, and by a destroyed Bane mining machine a little ways down the trail from the south gate of the same base. Like all enemies, he may wander if left alive for too long.

Like most Howlers they are weak to electric based attacks and because of the major Warnet infestation just north-west of River Base Krimm Kennilaxx can and will be take out over time by other aggressive animals once wandered into these areas.

Kennilaxx is part of the mission Off With Their Heads, and is also one of the boss targets in Palisades Targets of Opportunity.

Recommended way points: 155.8, 448.1 - "While editing this Wiki page, I alt tabbed back into game to see him once again walking across the path to the Northern Entrance to River-base Krimm. This an easy way to locate and eliminate him before he wanders into the Warnet infested area where I have seen them kill him because of there high respawn rate and use of electric attacks." - Deilax

Respawn time: 5-10 Minutes