Junkyard Dogs
Mission sequence
Requirement: The Boss Of All Bosses
Follow-up: Salvage Duty
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Labbna Grupa Rigs
- Location: Labbna Quarter
Reward giver: Labbna Grupa Rigs
- Location: Labbna Quarter
XP: 75,000
Credits: 0

Labbna Syndicate Token Labbna Syndicate Token
Unknown Armor Boots Teleract Hazmat Armor Boots lvl 39
Unknown Armor Boots Titan Motor Assist Armor Boots lvl 38
Unknown Armor Vest Vitalius Mech Armor Vest lvl 35
Unknown Armor Boots Olympia Reflective Armor Boots lvl 39

Overview Overview Edit

Rabid packs of Flare Gashers are prowling Staal Junkyard and the eastern desert. They are disrupting Labbna salvage operations. Grupa Rigs wants you to take them out.

Note: This is a side-mission of the Earning Respect mission.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Kill 20 Flare Gashers
Kill twenty of the rabid Flare Gashers prowling the perimeter of the Staal Junkyard and the eastern desert.
Flare Gashers Killed x/20

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Labbna Grupa Rigs:

A token of the Labbna? Yes, this might be arranged. But, as with everything, there is a price to be paid.
We of the Labbna, our business is salvage. As you might be imagining, the Staal Junkyard is very important to this business. Our salvage crews are having many troubles going in and out of the junkyard, however. It is the Flare Gashers. Many in this area have been infected with the Cephus, which you call the Rabies. This is making them to be even more dangerous.
We are needing help to hunt and kill these animals. If you were to be killing... let us say twenty of these creatures, I would be inclined to be giving you the token you seek.

Debriefing Edit

Labbna Grupa Rigs:

You have made our salvaging business much easier and more safe! For this we are being very grateful. Please accept the token of the Labbna. Prosta Tivna!

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

The Flare Gashers are located just before the bridge to the Staal Junkyard. Make sure you have the mission Crucible Targets of Opportunity since one of its objectives is to kill the Flare Gashers. They have a pretty short respawn time so it's easy to count your kills to 20 (or 40 for the ToO). They are vulnerable to ice and laser damage.

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