Iron Giants
Mission sequence
Requirement: Confirmed Kills
Follow-up: Who's In Charge Here?
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Larai Zupa Madias
- Location: Prometheus Outpost
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 170,000
Credits: 8,000

Cryogenic Blade ChiTech Cryogenic Blade
Incendiary Shotgun ChiTech Incendiary Shotgun
Radial Repair Tool Titan Radial Repair Tool
EMP Rifle ChiTech EMP Rifle

Overview Overview Edit

Zupa Madias challenges you to destroy six Bane Juggernauts at Khalago Base.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Destroy 6 Juggernauts
Destroy six of the Bane Juggernauts defending Khalago Base.
Juggernauts Destroyed x/6

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Larai Zupa Madias:

Are you willing to accept another challenge from the Larai? This one will not be so easy!
The Thrax are merely flisks compared to the metal giants called Juggernauts! They are not so easy to defeat. For my challenge, I am thinking you should destroy six Juggernauts! Do you accept?

Debriefing Edit

Larai Zupa Madias:

They who are the biggest, fall the hardets, no? Well done, friend to myself!

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

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