Injector Gun
Injector Gun
A player wielding a Injector Gun
Training: Injection Gun (training) Injection Gun (training)
Class: Biotechnician Biotechnician
Range: 50m (cannot fire beyond 50m)
Rate of fire: ?


The Injector Gun is a Biotechnician class weapon, requiring Training in Injection Guns. It's a medium range single-target weapon that features the ability to bypass armor, efficient use of ammunition and a variety of damage types. Each shot inflicts a DoT which deals an additional 5% of the initial damage over 3 seconds. Fully trained, the Injector Gun allows even the non-virulent damage types to partially bypass armor.


Injector Guns can be equipped by dragging them from your inventory to the weapon tray. Injector Guns benefit from beading the target and damage is increased while crouching. As with most weapons in Tabula Rasa there is no recoil and you can hold down the fire button until the magazine is empty or the weapon jams, after which you will need to reload.

The maximum range for a Injector Gun is 50 meters - it is not possible to fire at targets beyond this range.


The Injector Gun is a small, single-handed weapon, similar to a Pistol. Reload times are about the same as the base reload time on a Pistol, though they do not decrease with additional training. The Injector Gun may be slightly hampered by its relatively short range and slower rate of fire, but the ability to do large amounts of damage directly to a target's health can make it a devastating weapon.

Standard Injector Guns inflict Virulent damage, which fully bypasses all armor. At later levels, Injector Guns that deal different damage types may be obtained. The armor-bypassing properties of the later weapons depend on the character's training level. At pump 5, 50% of all non-virulent damage bypasses the target's armor.

Be advised that, like most sources of Virulent damage, a Virulent Injector Gun has its damage reduced based on the target's remaining armor level - that is, although it penetrates armor and damages health, it will do more damage to unarmored targets than fully-armored ones. Thus, non-Virulent Injector Guns (which damage armor and thus improve the effect of other Virulent damage, such as Reconstruction) remain a useful part of any Biotechnician's arsenal.

The DoT applied by each shot from an Injector Gun lasts for 3 seconds and does not stack, so it will be overwritten each time you fire the weapon at the same target. While it is more efficient to wait for the DoT to expire before firing again, the DoT does relatively little damage so it is usually more effective just to keep firing. If you are facing multiple enemies it may be a good tactic to switch targets after each shot, allowing the DoT to have full effect on each target while you fire at a new one, though this method requires very intensive micromanagement.


Subtype Damage type Ammunition Magazine Size Image
Virulent Injector Gun Virulent Virulent Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals 25 Virulent Injector Gun
Electric Injector Gun Electric Electric Power Cells Power Cells 12 Electric Injector Gun
Incendiary Injector Gun Fire Fire Canister Ammunition Canister Ammunition 12 Incendiary Injector Gun
Cryogenic Injector Gun Ice Ice Canister Ammunition Canister Ammunition 12 Cryogenic Injector Gun

Damage progression[]

Subtype Virulent Injector Gun Electric Injector Gun Incendiary Injector Gun Cryogenic Injector Gun
Level Virulent Injector Gun Electric Injector Gun Incendiary Injector Gun Cryogenic Injector Gun
15 334 / 246 N/A N/A N/A
17 397 / 292 433 / 318 N/A N/A
22 612 / 451 667 / 490 678 / 498 601 / 443
27 944 / 695 1029 / 756 1046 / 769 927 / 683
32 1456 / 1072 1587 / 1167 1613 / 1185 1430 / 1054
37 2245 / 1654 2448 / 1799 2488 / 1828 /
42 3463 / 2551 / / /
47 5340 / 3934 / / /
50 6925 / 5102 / / /