Completing certain missions allows you to create clones with mixed DNA. Hybrid characters start with 10 in all attributes like humans, but gain different amounts as they level up. They also have default resistances and weaknesses.

Completing the mission chain for a given Hybrid once will unlock the option for ALL characters. You can even create a new Hybrid character if desired.

General Appearance Options[]

For the time being, all Hybrid variants are limited to three face options and the standard set of eye-wear. The other facial appearance options are locked.

Bug.png Bug! The Thrax and Forean hybrids have some clipping issues with the current 'upper face' accessory options, and also with most of the helmets.

Forean Hybrid[]

The chain to unlock Forean hybrids starts with A Fading Signal in Thoria Das. The ensuing mission chain will require you to collect items in all three Divide instances.

Forean Hybrid Stat Distribution per level is: +1 Body +3 Mind +2 Spirit

Forean Hybrid Inherent Resistances are: +10% Resist Virulent -10% Resist Laser

Foreanfemale1sized.jpgForeanfemale2sized.jpgForeanfemale3sized.jpg Female Forean Hybrid Faces

Foreanmale1sized.jpgForeanmale2sized.jpgForeanmale3sized.jpg Male Forean Hybrid Faces

Foreanskincoloroptions.jpg Forean Hybrid Skintone Color-Wheel

--Brycelynn 23:24, 15 March 2008 (UTC)

Brann Hybrid[]

Unlocking Brann hybrids starts with Discovery in Mires.

Brann Hybrid Stat Distribution per level is: +1 Body +1 Mind +4 Spirit

Brann Hybrid Inherent Resistances are: +10% Resist Electric -10% Resist Physical

Brannfemale1.JPGBrannfemale2.jpgBrannfemale3.jpg Female Brann Hybrid Faces

BrannMale1.jpgBrannMale2.jpgBrannMale3.jpg Male Brann Hybrid Faces

BrannSkinColorations.jpg Brann Hybrid Skintone Color-Wheel

DataShade 22:50, 5 July 2008 (UTC)

Thrax Hybrid[]

Thrax hybrids are unlocked by completing the Dark Genesis mission chain in Crucible.

Thrax Hybrid Stat Distribution per level is: +3 Body +1 Mind +2 Spirit

Thrax Hybrid Inherent Resistances are: +10% Resist Sonic -10% Resist Fire

ThraxxHybF.jpg Female Thrax Faces

ThraxxHybM.jpg Male Thrax Faces

ThraxxHybCW.jpg Thrax Hybrid Skintone Color-Wheel