Type: Biological
Weak To: Virulent Virulent
Resists: none
Immune To: Sonic Sonic


Hunters roam lands far and wide with their pet Howlers. They use a Net Gun to immobilize prey while sending their pets to attack the player. Hunters can also fire a round similar to a normal Thrax Soldier's rifle from their arm gun. Their shield is merely decorative for the most part, and does not protect them.

If a Hunter is killed, it's Howler will go berserk and start attacking anything nearby - even other Hunters or Howlers. This suggests that a Hunter has a bond or control with/over it's Howler, and that this cannot be shared.

As per patch 1.4, Hunters now use electric net-guns. Hunters can now use their shield to reflect a portion of non-virulent damage such as electric. Hunters are also now immune to sonic damage, (and no longer immune to electric.) DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Hunter’s are large bipedal creatures with a thick muscular build.

Damage TypeEdit

Physical, Energy

Weapons UsedEdit

The Netgun is their preferred weapon, though they are able to use other bane weapons.

Special AttacksEdit

Hunters keep small groups of Howlers as pets and use them to attack their enemies.


Medium to heavy armor


Initial intelligence shows hunters are susceptible to fire, yet resistant to other types of physical attacks.

Attack RangeEdit

Hunters can immobilize opponents from long range using their Netgun.


Hunters are usually found in very small groups of 2 or 3, and each travel with multiple Howler pets.

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