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Type: Biological
Weak To: Electric Electric
Resists: none
Immune To: Sonic Sonic


Howlers usually accompany Hunters in their patrols. One to three howlers will accompany any one Hunter at a time. Howlers have a sonic howl to induce damage upon their opponents with a stun side affect; Howlers also have a direct physical attack. Some howlers have been known to roam solo.

Without their masters, Howlers attack at will, most often attacking any nearby NPC other than the player. The rogue Howler becomes a mutual enemy to both Bane and AFS alike.

Although dangerous with their sonic stun alone, they pair exceptionally well with their Hunter masters, through their use of net guns. The Howlers have a rather vicious melee attack that can quickly kill a player of equal level. It is advised to kill Hunters first to prevent them from trapping you, especially if there are multiple enemies nearby. Fortunately, neither pet nor master are particularly resilient, and what kills most will drop them relatively quickly. It is easy to ambush these creatures while they are often found disturbing the local fauna (warnets in particular).

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Physical TraitsEdit

Howlers walk on four legs and are slightly bigger than a large dog or wolf.

Damage TypeEdit


Weapons UsedEdit


Special AttacksEdit

Howlers use their powerful, mechanically enhanced cries to deafen and frighten enemies. If they are within melee range, they will attack with their claws, but are unable to bite as a result of the mechanized brace implanted in their jowls. Armor



Because the Howler does most of its damage when they move in close to a target, attacking these creatures from long range is an effective way to fight them.

Attack RangeEdit

Melee to short range.


Howlers can be found in small groups as pets to Bane Hunters. If a Howler’s master is killed, they will go wild and attack anything nearby, friend or foe. Howler/Playtr

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