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Helping Parsons
Mission sequence
Requirement: Unknown (maybe none)
Follow-up: Gerry Rigging
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Private Parsons
- Location: Plains Post
Reward giver: Supply Sergeant Otto
- Location: Ortho Post
XP: 12,500
Credits: 2,500


Overview Overview Edit

Help Private Parsons with his deliveries.

Bug Bug! The second objective may not complete when you pick up the boxes. If so, try leaving and returning, or picking up a second set of boxes, or just waiting.

Bug Bug! The mission does not show markers to indicate the locations of Lt. Gerry or Private Parsons, but they can be found at Mires Post and Plains Post respectively.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Get the supplies.
Get the supplies from Supply Sergeant Otto at Ortho Post.
Pick up the supply boxes.
Grab the suply boxes next to Supply Sergeant Otto.
They are on the table at the back of the tent in which Otto is
Deliver the supply box to Mires Pass.
Deliver the Supply crate to Lt. Gerry at Mires Pass.
Deliver the supply box to Plains Post.
Deliver the Supply box to Private Parsons at the Plains Post.

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Private Parsons:

I am supposed to go get some supplies from Supply Sergeant Otto at Ortho Post and distribute them here at plains post and at mires pass. Then I have to help Lt Gerry at Mires pass. But I was also given the great task of sorting through this box of screws and arrange them all by how shiny they are. I really need to learn to not talk back to officers so much. So do you feel like helping me out? If you deliver the supplies from Ortho Post for me.

Get the supplies. Edit

Supply Sergeant Otto:

I will only talk to you if you have a Requisition form. Oh well look at that, you have one. Soldier you have exceeded my expectations of you already. You may not be worthless Thrax refuse. Hand that over and let me get your supplies in order.

Deliver the supply box to Mires Pass. Edit

Lt. Gerry:

A box for me? It must be my birthday. Now let me sign for it and hand it over.

Deliver the Supplies to Plains Post. Edit

Private Parsons:

Thanks, for doing my work for me today. I am just having a heck of a time here. Let me sign that paperwork for you. Thanks again.

Return with signed paperwork. Edit

Supply Sergeant Otto:

Thank you for being so prompt about returning with the paperwork. You do not want me to get into how long it takes to get these back sometime.

Debriefing Edit

Supply Sergeant Otto:

Good work soldier.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

The boxes to pick up are behind the woman with the armor logo, not beside Sgt. Otto

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