Type: Ability
Class: Sapper Sapper
Tier: 3
Logos Required
Machine Machine
Control Control
Chaos Chaos


Hack is an ability of the Sapper class.

Utilize Logos to generate a chaotic EM wave in the central logic unit of robotic targets. The wave confuses its electronics, causing the machine to attack randomly, often targeting its own controllers. Unfortunately, large vehicles such as Juggernauts, Stalkers, and Striders are shielded against this effect. Higher pump levels increase the duration of the effect and the range at which the hacked target may target its own allies.


Level 1 (I) 2 (II) 3 (III) 4 (IV) 5 (IV)
Power cost 30 40 50 60 70
Duration 10 seconds 15 seconds 20 seconds 25 seconds 30 seconds
Range 20 meters 30 meters 40 meters 50 meters
Radial distance to attack targets 20 meters 25 meters 30 meters 40 meters 50 meters


  • The hacked unit will act like a pet, attacking all enemy units starting with the closest one. It cannot be damaged by the hacker during this time but can be damaged by other players.
  • No unit may be kept continuously hacked. After the original hack expires there is a period of time during which the target is immune to hacking (at least by the original player). At this time it is unclear how long the immunity lasts, perhaps 30 seconds or less. It is also uncertain whether players could alternate hacks to keep the machine more continuously under control. It also appears that one cannot hack targets already under attack.
  • As per patch 1.4, all boss types and Juggernauts are now immune to Hack.