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General British Concept Art

Richard Garriott as General British

General British was the in-game avatar of Richard Garriott and one of the main known story characters.


Almost as if a symbol of his place in history, General British was born on July 4th, 1961 in Cambridge, England.

General British was one of the first to escape during the Bane invasion of Earth and has been an integral part on the formation and success of the AFS. General British was instrumental in using the Eloh's Technology to open the wormholes that became humanities salvation, and in training new recruits in the power of Logos so that we may some day be free from the Bane's oppression.

Birthday writeup from official website[]

In honor of his birth, and as a reminder of the freedom we are fighting for, we will be celebrating this day throughout the AFS, in all bases and on all Planets. So, whether you are grilling up some Bane Burgers or watching as AFS Mortars light up night sky, we hope that each member and prospective member of the AFS will raise a glass to honor General British. That is all.


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