Game Wardens
Mission sequence
Requirement: The Boss Of All Bosses
Follow-up: Architects Of Destruction
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Viddia Grupa Donal
- Location: Staal Infirmary
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 75,000
Credits: 0

Viddia Syndicate Token Viddia Syndicate Token
Bio Armor Boots v3 Voltrox Bio Armor Boots v3
Stealth Armor Helmet v2 Vitalius Stealth Armor Helmet v2

Overview Overview Edit

The Viddia Syndicate has recieved an order for reprogrammed Warden Bots for use in the Larai arena. Grupa Donal needs you to retrieve various important Warden Bot parts from hostile bots patrolling the aren near the Warden Bot Facility. He needs: 15 Servo-Motors, 10 Power Supplies and 10 Neural Processors.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Get 10 Power Supplies
Aquire 10 Warden Bot Power Supplies for Grupa Donal of the Viddia.
Warden Bot Power Supply Warden Bot Power Supply x/10
  • Get 10 Neural Processors
Aquire 10 Warden Bot Neural Processors for Grupa Donal of the Viddia.
Warden Bot Neural Processor Warden Bot Neural Processor x/10
  • Get 15 Servo-Motors
Aquire 15 Warden Bot Servo-Motors for Grupa Donal of the Viddia.
Warden Bot Servomotor Warden Bot Servomotor x/15

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Viddia Grupa Donal:

You wish to earn a token of the Viddia syndicate? I am finding this very humorous!
It is not without precedent. Perhaps we can come to an arrangement. We of the Viddia concern ourselves with the science and the technology. Much of our business is with the Larai, re-programming the Warden Bots for use in their arena. This is involving the acquisition of many spare parts.
You must find these parts from us. Rip them from the inner workings of Warden Bots. Of course, you will be wanting to deactivate them first! We are needing 15 Servo-Motors, 10 Power Supplies and 10 Neural Processors to fill our current orders. Bring these to me and I will consider your request for a Viddia token.

Debriefing Edit

Viddia Grupa Donal:

You have all of the parts that we are requiring? This is mostly very impressive, my friend!
Take with you this token of the Viddia syndicate and know that you will be called friend to Grupa Donal!

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

For maximum efficiency, do this mission in conjuction with the missions Salvage Duty and Crucible Targets of Opportunity. They also contain objectives that involves killing Reconstructor Bots and Warden Bots.

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