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Item0484.png Planet: Foreas
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Map of Foreas
Map of Foreas


Foreas is one of the planets of the AFS, and is the current homeworld of the Foreans. Although the planet is named for them, the Foreans are not native. They were transplanted to Foreas by the Eloh centuries ago in an effort to rebuild their shattered civilization. Since that time, Foreans have recanted much of their technological nature, and embraced a life of responsible stewardship of their second homeworld. Some time has past since these events, however, and now ancient Forean and Eloh architecture dot the landscape.

Foreas is the first alien world an AFS recruit encounters, and serves as training ground for most of their early ranks. New recruits enter the battle on the continent of Concordia where they stand a better chance of survival than on the continent where seasoned veterans battle, Valverde.

Foreas' geography, climate, and flora evoke memories of the best of Earth. Just like that lost world, there are shimmering rivers and lakes, lush forests, vast grass plains, and even rocky mountains. However, the planet is slowly dying under the toxic effects of war. Several areas have succumed to a red, muscular Bane techno-organic growth, which appears to kill everything in its path. The Bane rape the land, unheeding of the consequences. In the Palisades zone on Concordia there is even a terrible long wound in the ground running most of the zone. It is the trauma left by a crashing Bane shard ship, an abomination of destruction made from the shattered pieces of other conquered worlds.

Having been significantly touched by the generosity of the Eloh, Foreas is an ideal location for Receptives to train in the art of logos, the unifying science bound to the Eloh language, and written into the very DNA of Receptives. In addition to numerous logos shrines scattered across the planet, there are abundant archeological finds waiting to be translated. And then there is Trinity Bridge spanning the chasm of Valverde's Plateau, a magnificent jewel of architecture in the Eloh style, and just as mysterious as the Eloh themselves. Legend has it that the bridge holds a powerful secret...


Foreas is divided into two continents, which are each further devided into zones