Transplanted thousands of years before by the Benefactors, the Foreans strive to live in harmony with their planet, Foreas. Not quite pacifists, the Foreans understand the impact of the misuse of technology and try to shun it as much as possible. Oft times the Foreans try to discourage reliance on technology and scientific exploration, and they commonly view the Humans as a reckless race. Consummate environmentalists, the Foreans also won’t shirk from defending the land against the ravaging Bane and will fight them to the death to do so. The Foreans can make use of Logos powers in combat.

Foreans are humanoid in stature and shape, though they are typically taller, thinner, and have four digits on their hands and feet. Their skin is a general olive green color or similar shade, and they consistently mark themselves in tattoos that represent different stages in their lives. Socially, Foreans live in small communities, settled in ingeniously constructed villages that make the most of the natural environment. Foreans use natural fibers in armor construction, but they do not wear protection for their hands or feet and often utilize archaic weapons.

Despite their technological disadvantages, the Foreans have held out well against the Bane, and they routinely join our squads on patrols, scouting missions, and even some direct assaults. It is important to realize that the Foreans are a serious people. Maintain a direct and honest stance in your dealings with them. Listen carefully, and agree to reasonable requests that are within your ability to fulfill. In return, you will garner their trust, a very important step in interacting with them.


According to the quest chain to unlock the Forean Hybrid, the Foreans were once technologically advanced. However, their actions practically crippled their homeworld for good, turning it into a toxic, polluted wasteland incapable of supporting life and filled with the remains of Forean civilization and technology.

The Eloh relocated the Foreans to Foreas in order to save their species from extinction, but it appears the Foreans were not allowed to bring most of their technology with them, thus their use of more natural clothing and armour.

It is likely that the Eloh educated the Foreans about the damage they had caused, and the survivors vowed not to mess up Foreas like they did their homeworld, hence their environmentalism. It may even be that the Eloh gave them a choice; stay on their homeworld and eventually die, or be transplanted to Foreas at the cost of almost all technology and the promise not to pollute Foreas like they did their homeworld.