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Type: Biological
Weak To: Ice Ice
Resists: Electric Electric
Immune To: Fire Fire



Flaregashers (for Torden plains TOO) can be found around the coordinates : -193.2, 428.4, -296.4. South west of Irendas Penal colony. Also around -54.6, 431.2, -1.1 then going north and also around 303.4, 435.0, 175.2. You can usually spot them on your radar (or minimap if you preffer) but if you're not a ranger or wearing stealth armor, chances are that they will find you first with a ranged attack...from there follow the yellow brick road ;)

Flaregashers (for Torden Incline ToO) can be found at -126, 286, 435. There is a large pack of 6 here, so be careful and bring some cryo area weapons. I recommend not wasting time seeking other flaregashers around Incline as they are very scarce apart from this mob. DescriptionEdit

Physical traits Edit

The Flare Gasher is a predator on the planet Arieki. A fast and vicious carnivore, it preys on all living creatures on the planet.

Damage Type Edit

Physical, Fire

Weapons Used Edit

Flare Gashers have extremely strong claws and fangs designed to pry into and open the formidable shells of most Ariekan prey.

Special Attacks Edit

Flare Gashers are the only creature on Arieki to have evolved with a fire attack. They will use the fire attack at range, but will quickly close in to use melee claw attacks.

Armor Edit

Flare Gashers have a thick hide and protective plates on their spine, but are otherwise unarmored.

Weakness Edit

Avoid engaging the Flare Gasher in melee if at all possible, as their melee attack is particularly strong. Like all other Ariekan creatures, they are extremely resilient to fire and electrical weapons, making ice powered weapons a viable strategy against them.

Attack Range Edit

Melee to short range.

Deployment Edit

Flare Gashers travel in packs of about 5 members.

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