A typical Exobiologist
Exobiologist tree
Root: Biotechnician Biotechnician
Branches: none


The Exobiologist is a tier 4 character class, specialized in alien biology.

Description from the official website:

"Exobiologists expand their biotech foundation into a new field of study. Rather than mastering group-support abilities, these troops turn enemies against themselves. No other AFS troops have as many methods for creating allies at their disposal; Exobiologists can create allies from enemy corpses, or even tactically clone themselves."

Abilities and trainingsEdit

In addition to the abilities and trainings (collectively known as skills) of all its root classes, the following are available to the Exobiologist class:

Abilities Trainings
  • None


In addition to the armor, weapons and tools of all its root classes, the Exobiologist may use the following:

Armor Weapons Tools
  • None
  • None
  • None
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