The antagonist race of the game are The Bane, the malicious descendants of the Eloh. However, most often the player does not fight the Bane directly, but the many races that the Bane enslaved and use as their servants and soldiers now, most prominently the Thrax. Also, the Bane have the technology to re-animate their fallen enemies and send them back against their foes as zombie-like bio-engineered robots called "Machina".

In addition to the Bane and their servants the players also encounter some hostile native wildlife of the various worlds that the fights against the Bane take place.

For a list of enemies, see the list below or browse the enemies category.

These enemies are sorted by their primary affiliation, faction or hostility towards AFS allies. However, in some cases, an enemy that is typically passive may suddenly be encountered as a hostile. For example, Filchers are typically passive, but in some areas of Howling Maw, will engage players automatically. Likewise, an enemy's behavior towards the player may change as a result of a mission objective or completion.

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These creatures can be attacked, but pose no threat in combat and generally die in one hit. They are typically level 1 throughout TR, do not drop loot and do not give XP.

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