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Earning Respect
Mission sequence
Requirement: The Boss Of All Bosses
Follow-up: Business Proposal
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Kappa Grupa Lohen
- Location: Staal Detention Center
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 160,000
Credits: 7,800

EMP Torqueshell Rifle Vitalius EMP Torqueshell Rifle
Electric Polarity Gun Vitalius Electric Polarity Gun
Rocket Launcher Vextronics Rocket Launcher
Virulent Leech Gun Teleract Virulent Leech Gun

Overview Overview Edit

Kappa Grupa Lohen, the head of all the Brann Syndicates, will not discuss any kind of deal with the AFS until you gain the trust and approval of all four Syndicate Grupas by getting a Syndicate Token from each of them.

Note: You will get one side-mission from each of the Grupas. These are: Smoking Guns, Junkyard Dogs, The Protection Racket and Game Wardens.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Ask Grupa Munit about acquiring a Top Khana Syndicate Token.
  • Acquire the Top Khana token.
Acquire the Top Khana Token by accepting a mission from Grupa Munit and earning his trust.
Top Khana Syndicate Token Top Khana Syndicate Token - 0/1
  • Speak to Grupa Munit again and accept mission Smoking Guns.

Ask Grupa Vitto about acquiring a Larai Syndicate Token.
  • Acquire the Larai Syndicate token.
Acquire the Larai Syndicate Token by earning Grupa Vitto's trust by completing a mission for him.
Larai Syndicate Token Larai Syndicate Token 0/1

Ask Grupa Donal about acquiring a Viddia Syndicate Token.
  • Acquire the Viddia token.
Acquire the Viddia Token by successfully completing Grupa Donal's mission and earning his trust.
Viddia Syndicate Token Viddia Syndicate Token 0/1
  • Speak to Grupa Donal again and accept mission Game Wardens.

Ask Grupa Rigs about acquiring a Labbna Syndicate Token.
  • Acquire the Labbna token.
Acquire the Labbna Token by by successfully completing a mission for Grupa Rigs and earning his trust.
Labbna Syndicate Token Labbna Syndicate Token 0/1

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Kappa Grupa Lohen:

So, your people wish to be cooperating with the syndicates? I am thinking, perhaps this can be arranged.
There is another tradition among the syndicates. Each member carries a token, a metal coin, signifying that he is trusted. Only the Grupas can be giving these tokens. You must get four of these, one from each Grupa.
Do this, and show the tokens to me. By this, I will know that you are worthy of MY trust. Only then can we do business.

Speak to Grupa Munit Edit

Top Khana Grupa Munit:

You wish to aquire a Top Khana token? These are not given freely. You must first earn our trust and respect.
If you are indeed serious, I will offer you a job. If you do this well, then perhaps I will consider offering you the token.
Speak to me again if you are ready to accept this job I speak of.

Speak to Grupa Vitto Edit

Larai Grupa Vitto:

If you wish to acquire the Token of the Larai, first you must do something for us. It is a small matter, but one that will prove your loyalty.
Speak to me again when you are willing to do this.

Speak to Grupa Donal Edit

Viddia Grupa Donal:

A token of the Viddia? This is a large thing you ask! If you were willing to work for me, this might be possible. But if you take the job, you will be held accountable.
Do not ask if you are not serious about this. But speak to me again if you wish to accept my offer.

Speak to Grupa Rigs Edit

Labbna Grupa Rigs:

It is unheard of. A human acquiring a syndicate token?
If it is the Kappa Grupa's wish, then you must be put to the test. Are you willing to do this?

Debriefing Edit

Kappa Grupa Lohen:

So, you have proved yourself to the Grupas? There is more to you than I am seeing with my eyes, human.
Perhaps we can be of mutual benefits to each other, I am thinking.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

This mission will begin a long and cumbersome journey. You will have to do four side-missions for each of the Grupas before you get all the tokens.

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