AFS Dropship


The C-6801 Hedgehog dropship is a means of travel within Tabula Rasa. There is usually one player-usable dropship landing area in each zone, at a base, though some zones have more. These dropships transport you from zone to zone on one planet.


You must walk over a dropship pad to active it. Once activated, that character can always teleport back to that zone via another dropship.

Once you walk over the dropship pad, a menu will appear showing what other zones you have unlocked. If you wish to travel from base to base, use a teleporter instead.

Dropship network[]

Foreas Foreas
Valverde Descent: Fort Virgil
Concordia Divide: Foreas Base
Valverde Howling Maw: Gangus Outpost
Valverde Marshes: Falcon Hold
Concordia Palisades: Cumbria Research Facility
Valverde Plateau: Fort Defiance
Valverde Pools: The Snakepit
Concordia Wilderness: Twin Pillars
Arieki Arieki
Torden Abyss: Tantalus Base
Ligo Ashen Desert: Shadow's Edge Post
Ligo Crucible: Outpost Intrepid
Torden Incline: Ortho Post
Torden Mires: Baylor Base
Torden Mires: Quicksilver Post
Torden Plains: Irendas Penal Colony
Ligo Thunderhead: Thunderhead Base