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Location type:
Battlefield (Zone)
Item0484 Planet: Foreas
Item0482 Continent: Concordia
Item0483 Zone: Divide
Mob Levels:
Map of Divide
Map of Divide

Item0494 OverviewEdit

Concordia Divide is a battlefield zone located on the continent Concordia of planet Foreas. It is linked by caves to two other Concordia zones: Wilderness (with caves east of Alia Das and Twin Pillars entering Divide's northern border) and with Palisades (with caves west of Eloh Temples entering Divide's eastern border). It also is home to Concordia's dropship and planetary wormhole, both located in the central north at Foreas Base.

This area is generally visited between levels 12 and 18.

Intel Recon Edit

The Divide region of Concordia is the current frontline of military action on Foreas. The AFS facility, locally known as Foreas Base, is under constant siege from Bane forces. Secondary Bane units are hitting the Hydro-plant facility with some frequency, which is vital to Foreas Base as it is their main source of power.
To counteract Bane forces, squads are being sent into the Bane landing zones as well as their mining operations at Timora. Also of note are the Minos Caverns, Purgas Station, and Torcastra Prison.
While it is imperative that we continue our incursions against the Bane ground units, it is also high priority that we investigate the rumors of a living Eloh somewhere in this area.

Map legend instance Instances/ExitsEdit

Area Remark Coordinates (as per /loc) Type
East/West (X) Altitude (Z) North/South (Y)
Foreas Concordia Divide Instance Entrance Minos Caverns 640 Help 162 Help -124 Help
Instance Entrance Timora Mines -573 Help 188 Help -1119 Help
Instance Entrance Torcastra Prison 169 Help 205 Help -1027 Help
Instance Entrance Purgas Station -863 Help 121 Help -883 Help
cave to Wilderness zone 498 Help 183 Help 1200 Help
cave to Wilderness zone -695 Help 175 Help 634 Help
cave to Palisades zone 834 Help 135 Help -498 Help
cave to Palisades zone 834 Help 78 Help -714 Help

Map legend poi Points of InterestEdit

Map legend mission ContactsEdit

See Divide mission list

Logos Logos shrinesEdit

Battlefield Instances  
No known Logos in Timora Mines
No known Logos in Torcastra Prison
No known Logos in Purgas Station
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