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Detonator Charge

A Detonator Charge, also known as Explosive Charge, is a mission item used in various missions:


Detonator Acceptor

A Detonator Acceptor

In order to use it, the player must look for a Detonator Acceptor on the object that he is supposed to destroy. Such acceptors are prominently marked with a large flashing red light. Walk up to the acceptor until the triangle target indicator with the "Press [F] to use" message appears. Now hold down [F] until the progress bar is filled up (approx. 3 seconds). The Detonator Charge will then emit a click and a beep noise. After a short fuse timer it will detonate, destroying the target object.

Creatures standing next to the Detonator Charge will take some minor damage.

One note is that if the user activating the Detonator Charge is damaged while placing the charge, the user will be interrupted and will have to start again.