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Location type:
Battlefield (Zone)
Item0484 Planet: Foreas
Item0482 Continent: Valverde
Item0483 Zone: Descent
Mob Levels:
Map of Descent
Map of Descent

Item0494 OverviewEdit

Descent is a battlefield zone located on the continent Valverde of planet Foreas.

Intel ReconEdit

AFS Intelligence says that Descent is marked by an enourmous sinkhole that occupies the overwhelming majority of the area. Dubbed "Dante's Pit" for obvious reasons, the pit has an unusually strong Logos signature. Bane forces are highly active in this area, hoping to find and use whatever causes the strong Logos signature to bolster their troops and turn the tide of the battle on Foreas. Areas of interest to the AFS include Outpost Inferno, which was an AFS outpost overrun by Bane forces, and Sanctus Grotto, which appears to be a burial chamber for Eloh artifacts.

Map legend instance InstancesEdit

Map legend poi Points of InterestEdit

Map legend mission ContactsEdit

See Descent mission list

Logos Logos shrinesEdit

Battlefield Instances  
No known Logos in The Refuge
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