The Days of Remembrance are two days which are commemorated on December 21 and 22.

Defeat of Earth DayEdit

December 21 marks the day on which humanity had to evacuate Earth via a natural wormhole. On this day, it is customary for AFS personnel to dye a piece or all of their armor bright red, to symbolize the bloodshed.

Resurgence DayEdit

December 22 marks the day on which the AFS took back Foreas Base from Bane troops. The original Resurgence Day took place 5 years after the original Defeat of Earth Day, and was the result of a decision by various AFS Generals to take back Foreas Base on Defeat of Earth Day. As most of the AFS troops were greenhorn recruits, this took longer than planned, and it wasn't until the next day that the Bane were finally driven out.

The AFS troops celebrated this momentous victory, firing their weapons in the air in spite of the ammo shortage, for lack of fireworks. In this manner, Resurgence Day became a day of celebration, with Foreas Base being the center of festivities.

Following these events, the Bane have a tradition of their own; on Resurgence Day, they attempt to take back Foreas Base with more tenacity than ever, a practice which led to a second wall of fortifications being built around the base.

Game eventEdit

The first Days of Remembrance events took place on December 21 and 22, 2007. They were a collaboration between the TR developers and the Tabula Rasa Roleplayers, a player-run group.

Defeat of Earth DayEdit

This part of the event took place on the Cassiopeia server.

Players dyed a piece of their armor red in remembrance of the bloodshed spilled many years ago this day. They then presented themselves at Foreas Base, where General British and Sarah Morrison addressed the troops, along with Staff Sergeant Codie Soahl (TRRP), Lieutenant Ambrose (TRRP) and Fuzzball (FNF).

Following the speeches, celebration was had, with troops firing their weapons into the air.

Resurgence DayEdit

At approximately 2100 hours (local to each server), several waves of Bane were spawned outside of Foreas Base. The mobs consisted of level 30 to 45 Thrax Soldiers, Predators and Striders.

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