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Damage is the reduction of an enemy's shield or health, eventually leading to death and possibly experience and loot as well.

Melee damage Edit

Melee damage refers to damage dealt when using a melee attack. Melee damage is physical damage for normal weapons, but fully melee-based weapons like Staffs and Blades deal the same damage as their weapon type. For example, a Cryogenic Staff deals ice damage in melee.

You can enhance your melee damage up to 40% and even get chance to knockback your enemies by investing points to Hand to Hand Combat.

Ranged damage Edit

Ranged Damage is caused by ranged attacks with ranged weapons and abilities such as Lightning. Ranged attack is the primary and preferred way to attack with most weapons, Blade and Staff being notable exceptions.

Usually, weapons deal most ranged damage at their optimal or shorter ranges, but can shoot beyond their optimal range. Ranged abilities and Netguns cannot exceed their optimal range. Torqueshell Rifles deal less ranged damage at shorter ranges.

Damage types Edit

Main article: Damage type

There are eight main damage types in the game, as well as a few not available for directed use.

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