Crucible Targets of Opportunity
Mission sequence
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Captain Kelly
- Location: Outpost Intrepid
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
Credits: 0

Clone Credit Clone Credit

Overview Overview Edit

You can earn special ranks and commendations by taking advantage of opportunities on the battlefield. Keep an eye out for Targets of Opportunity throughout Crucible, and try to complete them all! When you have completed all of the Targets of Opportunity on Crucible, report back to Captain Kelly at Outpost Intrepid.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Title Crucible Pathfinder: Aquire all of the AFS and Brann Waypoints on Crucible.
Bug Bug! There is a bug that some players experience, keeping them from getting credit for getting to all the waypoints

  • Get 4 Syndicate Tokens!
Title Crucible Made Man: Acquire all 4 Tokens from the Brann Syndicates of Staal.
Title Crucible Beast Master: Kill 40 Flare Gashers on Crucible.
Title Minesweeper:Destroy 50 Bane Smart Mines near the Fort Intrepid Ruins.
Title Crucible Terminator: Destroy 40 Prison Bots on Crucible.
Title Crucible Exterminator: Exterminate 40 Lashers on Crucible.
  • Complete Crucible Operations!
Title Crucible Operative: Complete the primary mission arcs in Staal Junkyard, Chaukas Robotics Facility and Incurables Ward.
Title Crucible Assassin: Kill the 6 mission-related Thrax Officers on Crucible: Executioner Derge, Preceptor Molitor, Archfiend Krubb, Coercer Mungrel, Defiler Sedge and Maxxum Ugoretz
Title Crucible Veteran: Complete all of the story-related missions on Crucible.
  • Complete All 9 Targets of Opportunity!
Title Master of Crucible: Complete all nine Targets of Opportunity on Crucible.

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Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Get 4 Syndicate Tokens Edit

This is done by doing the four side-missions to Earning Respect. They are: Game Wardens, Junkyard Dogs, The Protection Racket and Smoking Guns. By gettin the tokens you will also complete Earning Respect.

Kill 40 Flare Gashers Edit

The Flare Gashers can be found at the southwest region of Crucible. There's a lot of them right before the bridge going to Staal Junkyard. There's also a cave full with Flare Gashers south of Staal, just walk over the lava dam and you'll get there.

Tips: For maximum efficiency, do this in conjunction with the mission Junkyard Dogs. That mission also contain objectives that involves killing Flare Gashers.

Kill 50 Prison Bots Edit

Destroying Reconstructor Bots and Warden Bots are what gives credit for this objective. They can be located all around Staal. Especially on the bridge going out from Staal, both north and right. You will encounter loads of these while you do other missions, so there's no reason for hunting only for these.

Tips: For maximum efficiency, do this in conjuction with the missions Game Wardens and Salvage Duty. Those missions also contain objectives that involves killing Reconstructor Bots and Warden Bots.

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