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Location type:
Battlefield (Zone)
Item0484 Planet: Arieki
Item0482 Continent: Ligo
Item0483 Zone: Crucible
Mob Levels:
Map of Crucible
Map of Crucible


Crucible is a zone in Ligo, Arieki. Recommended character level ranges from 35 to 39. It is a mountainous, rocky area with numerous magma flows. It notably contains the Staal Detention Center, originally a prison complex, now partially turned into a city run by corrupt Brann syndicates. The area is overrun with Warden Bots reprogrammed by the Bane.

Intel ReconEdit

AFS Intelligence sows that Crucible region of Ligo is actually a large series of 'shelves' descending from west to east, created by the massive lava flow that stretches across the northern edge of the region. Crucible is home to what is known as the Incurables Ward, a maximum security facility designed to contain the most violent of the Brann criminals who were relegated to Arieki. In addition, the Staal Junkyard is located here, a huge pile of waste and industrial scrap, which has become a valuable source of scavenged resources. Finally, the Chaukas Robotic Facility is located in this region, and like the Raksha Facility located in the Incline region, was used to mass produce Warden Bots for use on the planet.


Area Remark Coordinates (as per /loc) Type
East/West (X) Altitude (Z) North/South (Y)
Arieki Ligo Crucible Instance Entrance Chaukas Robotics Facility  ? Help  ? Help  ? Help
Instance Entrance Incurables Ward  ? Help  ? Help  ? Help
Instance Entrance Staal Junkyard  ? Help  ? Help  ? Help
cave to Thunderhead zone  ? Help  ? Help  ? Help

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Logos Logos shrinesEdit

Battlefield Instances  
No known Logos in Chaukas Robotics Facility
No known Logos in Incurables Ward
No known Logos in Staal Junkyard

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