Currency symbol

Credits are the main currency in Tabula Rasa. They are used by the AFS, Foreans and Brann. φ, the lower-case Greek letter "Phi", is used as the currency symbol.

Credits are used for purchases from most vendors, with the exception of Prestige vendors and Grey market vendors. Credits can also be exchanged as part of player trades, which are subject to player agreement.

Each character holds his personal reserve of credits in his backpack, but it is also possible to transfer credits to and from the account-shared footlocker and clan lockboxes.


There are several different ways to earn credits:

  • Selling items to vendors.
  • Selling items through Military Surplus.
  • Player trades.
  • Completing missions.
  • Killing mobs. Credits are given to the player as soon as the enemy dies; looting it isn't necessary. Credits earned are roughly five times the mob's level (approximately 250 credits per level 50 mob).