Crab Mines
Crab Mines
Class: Sapper Sapper
Tier: 3
Logos Required
Machine (logos) Machine
Damage (logos) Damage
Trap (logos) Trap


Crab Mines is an ability of the Sapper class.

"Deploy walking mines that seek out unfriendlies and explode near them. Each ability level creates a mine with a different type of explosion damage. You may have three active mines of each type active simultaneously."

In build 1.6: "Crab Mines: Reduced casting & recovery time." Cast time is about 1 second and recovery time before being able to cast another crab mine is about 0.5 seconds after casting.

In build 1.7 as per friday 5/09/2008: "They will now generally acquire a target within 0.5 seconds of creation and they will now generally detonate within 0.5 seconds of arriving at their targets’ feet."

As of Deployment 10, Crab Mines has a 'proficiency' bonus -- every pump of this skill you have increases the damage of all pumps by 20%.

Usage Edit

You can have three mines active for each level of skill you have trained. As of the 1.4 patch you can have only 3 crab mines in total active. However, creating a 4th will explode the 1st, and so forth, so as a strategy, one can keep popping mines, letting them move towards a foe, then exploding them through replacement. In this way one can control the detonation timing. You can force movement by moving yourself or knocking back a foe with an ability or weapon hit. Still, there is no guarantee that the mine will detonate. Also, mines have a way of attacking foes waiting for a final blow with no damage given and a waste of the mine. At lower levels, the Incendiary mine is the Sapper's most lethal weapon. A good approach is to drop 3 mines just before an attack at around 60m and then follow them into the target, or, if you have to, lead the target into the mines' agro range.

Progression Edit

Name Fragmentation Crab Mine Incendiary Crab Mine Electric Crab Mine Sonic Crab Mine Photonic Crab Mine
Power cost 50
Radius 12 m
Damage Type Physical Fire Electric Sonic Laser
Damage High
Weapons Grade Micromech cost 3
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