A Contact is any NPC involved in a mission, whether being the mission giver, being someone you need to find, talk to, escort, or give something to as a mission objective, or being the person who gives the mission reward. Most contacts are indicated on the map window when the mission is tracked using the mission log, but some contacts must be searched for and only appear once they are within minimap range.


Contacts are usually indicated by a marker above their head.

  • A yellow radio icon indicates that the contact can be talked to to start, advance or finish a mission.
  • A yellow radio icon with two slashes through it indicates that you are not yet the required level for the mission.
  • A grey radio icon indicates that a mission objective hasn't been completed.
  • A grey speech bubble indicates that a mission cannot be obtained due to a conflict (for example, siding with the AFS rather than Penumbra in Abyss).