Commando tree
Root: Soldier Soldier
Branches: Grenadier Grenadier
Guardian Guardian


The Commando is a tier 3 character class, specialized in heavy weapons and armor.

Description from the official website:

"The Commando is the third tier class that begins demonstrating an ability to deliver large amounts of damage and absorb it as well. Commandos are the takers and controllers of territory.
Commandos stem from the Soldier line. Commandos learn the most aggressive attack options for their tier, using rocket and grenade attacks to assault entire enemy groups. This combines with very heavy Graviton armor to form the foundation of AFS siege troops. Continued training at tier four leads to even better area-of-effect attacks for Grenadiers, or advanced defensive techniques for Guardians."

Abilities and trainingsEdit

In addition to the abilities and trainings (collectively known as skills) of all its root classes, the following are available to the Commando class:

Abilities Trainings


In addition to the armor, weapons and tools of all its root classes, the Commando may use the following:

Armor Weapons Tools
  • None
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