Clone Credit

Clone Credit

Overview Edit

A clone credit is needed to create a clone. This allows you to split your character's path off among other options.

Usage Edit

At the character selection menu, a character will have a Clone Credits: # portion, showing how many you have. Chose "Clone" to duplicate your current character. This will take you to a character creation menu where you will select the customizable aspects of your new clone.

See: Cloning

Gaining Edit

There are a few ways to gain a clone credit.

Leveling Up Edit

You gain a clone credit right before Tier selections. These are at the previous level when experience is completely maxed out at levels 4, 14, and 29.

Clone Credit Token Edit

You can obtain a clone credit token by completing an in-game quest.Targets of Opportunity quests reward a player with these items. They are, at the moment, not able to be traded. This is an option slated to be added to the game, but no time-frame has been announced.

Also, you can obtain a clone credit by the Hybrid missions, check the Hybrid page for more details.

Right-click on the clone credit token (it can be found in the last tab of your backpack) to enable a clone credit on your character.

Clone Credit Management Edit

Given the limited availability of clone credits, there are a number of steps you can take to maximize your cloning options. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of cloning.

  1. Don't create a clone before the first branch (i.e. don't clone at level 4). For less than an hour's work, you can create an entirely new character that will be every bit as good (and even better, in fact, since they'll have a bit of equipment and cash) than any clone you could create before level 5. For that little bit of work, you essentially gain an extra clone credit, and you can't get an extra clone credit any easier than that.
  2. If you plan to clone before making a new class selection (i.e. at levels 14 or 29), do so BEFORE you reach max xp for that level. By doing so, your clone will be able to obtain an additional clone credit when he/she reaches max xp for that level.
  3. Do not turn in a Targets of Opportunity mission unless you need to for a clone. By leaving that quest uncompleted, your clones will be able to turn in that same mission for his/her own clone credit.

Following just these rules, it is possible to create a max-level character of all 8 launch classes from just two starting characters, and the resulting characters will have all of their Targets of Opportunity quest tokens available for later customization.

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