Cipher Tool
Cipher Tool
A player wielding a Cipher Tool
Training: Tools Tools
Class: Specialist Specialist
Range: 5m
Rate of fire: none
Additional Item Requirements: Item0289 Power Cell

Cipher Tools unlock various locked things in the game ranging from crates to doors. The Cipher Tool has a 15 use magazine and uses Power Cells. The items that can be unlocked with a Cipher Tool will have the symbol of the device above it. Cipher Tools can be used by any Specialist Tree class that has points in Tools, although the level of locked chest you can unlock is dependent on your level of Tools. All cipher tools have greater than 100% chance of unlocking, so they are essentially all the same.

Cypher tool has % chance to unlock stuff but containers also has a % chance to not be unlocked. Your cipher tool need to have an higher % than the container to open it.

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