The following is a listing of all of the Patch Notes. All Patch Notes should be quoted 'as-is' in every Patch Notes, no matter the spelling or grammar of the content. All patch notes should be listed using the Version Number as reported on the Patch Notes itself, with a prefix of 'v', unless the prefix is already attached to the Dev Version.

Failure of Dev to provide a Patch Version, the Patch Notes should be listed with the MM-DD-YY Date of the Patch Application date. Multiple Patches on the same day should be Suffixed with 'Hot Fix #', with the number of the Hot Fix that day (so the second version posted that day should be Hot Fix 1).

In all cases, all Patch Notes should be Suffixed with 'Patch Notes'.


* v1.5 Patch Notes
* v033 Patch Notes
* v1.5 Hot Fix 1 Patch Notes

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