Carpe Diem
Mission sequence
Requirement: Obstruction Destruction
Follow-up: A Tale of Elements
Required Level 2
Mission giver: Commander Elvers
- Location: Denzil's Caldera
Reward giver: Commander Elvers
- Location: Destination Outpost
XP: 5,000
Credits: 0

Shotgun Shinobi Shotgun


Recapture control of Denzil's Caldera Outpost by fighting through the trenches to the outpost. Use [F] to capture the control point located in the outpost center.


Recapture the Outpost[]



Commander Elvers:

Here's the situation - short and sweet. The Bane flanked us and took control of the outpost at Denzil's Caldera. I need you to get up there, wipe those bastards out, and regain control of the outpost. I'm sending a team along with you to cover your back.
If you get lost, keep heading north-east. Once you reach the outpost, activate the control tower to initiate the automated defenses and kick those son's-a-bitches out of our outpost. I'll round up the recon team and meet you there.
I'm issuing you a stack of detonators. Use these to blow up the mortars outside the base and to blast out that forcefield. Use 'em wisely though. If you run out, you're going to have to shoot your way into the base.


Commander Elvers:

Good work, soldier! I've got my troops cleaning the Bane stink out of this place, and hunting down any last stragglers. While they're at it, go check in with Specialist Vance. She'll tell you a bit more about what makes you one of our 'special' troops.


Enemy control point

  • Although Elvers tells you to use the detonators wisely, the three that he gives you cannot be used for any other purpose other than blowing up the two mortars and the force field barrier. There is no need to worry about "running out" of them.
  • The mortars may be destroyed manually with gunfire, but it takes a lot of hits to destroy one. It really is much, much more efficient to rush the mortar and set the detonator to destroy it.
  • There are several Bane ambushes by drop ships along the way. Although it isn't necessary to defeat them all, it does give your character good experience along the way.
  • Once inside the outpost, approach the control point and press the [T] key. It will take several seconds to take control, and when you do, the color of the control point will change from red to blue and the mission objective will be met. If you take any damage while you try to capture the control point you action will be interrupted.

Note: If you manage to capture the control point while any Bane are still alive inside the base, these enemies will simply disappear. This isn't a bug per se, more a design flaw. If you want to finish the mission quickly you can take advatage of it, but you will then miss some easy XP.