Bot Construction
Bot Construction
Class: Engineer Engineer
Tier: 4
Logos Required
Create (logos) Create
Machine (logos) Machine
Life (logos) Life
Here (logos) Here


Bot construction is an Ability of the Engineer class.

Utilize micromech and logos to construct combat bots on the battlefield


Name Flame Bot Rocket Bot Repair Bot Shield Bot Multi Bot
Duration 15 min
Abilities Directed and Radial Flame Attack Rocket Attack Repair, Jumpstart, Beam Attack Shield Projector, Beam Attack Shield, Rocket Attack, Extra Health, Extra Armour
Power cost 100 125 150 175 250
Weapons Grade Micromech required 30 30 30 40 50


Flame Bot: The Flame Bot is a close-combat unit. Relatively cheap in both Micromech and in Power cost, you’re going to get what you paid for. The Bot is clumsy and, due to the nature of A.I. path finding in Tabula Rasa, it's not always particularly effective. It’s best used in confined spaces and is great for clearing out enemies much lower level than you.

Rocket Bot: The Rocket Bot is a long-range support unit, firing rockets at enemy targets. If you don’t target an enemy the Rocket Bot will shoot at random enemy targets. If you attack an enemy the Rocket Bot will assist you more often than not. While overall more useful than the Flame Bot it still suffers from the A.I. path finding issues the Flame Bot has.

Repair Bot: The Repair Bot repairs. Specifically, it repairs the Armor of you and your team mates. At least, that’s the theory. Again, with unreliable A.I. path finding this Bot is not always as effective as it should be.

Shield Bot: The Shield Bot is when this ability starts to become useful, though it's also more expensive in terms of Micromech than the lesser Bots. In many ways the Shield Bot is just like the Bane Shield Drone. It covers a radius around it that dampens the damage of incoming fire. It also reflects the equivalent damage back to the enemy who fired it. The shield only reduces damage for those inside it from shots fired outside it. It has a beam attack which is not too powerful but a nice compliment to the main protective use of this Bot.

Multi Bot: The Multi Bot is a mixture of the Shield Bot and the Rocket Bot. It looks like a Rocket Bot and acts like one. The shield is just as effective as that of the Shield Bot and the additional buff of Health and Armor is a great asset as well. The Multi Bot is more expensive than the lesser Bots so it’s better to use in soloing, while the Shield Bot is better for use when in groups.

Summary: This skill is a novelty at levels 1-3. But at levels 4-5 it can make a Engineer or a team all the more offensive. Those wanting to use Bot Construction should start it at the minimum of level 4.

As of Deployment 12, bot creation has been made into a "toggle" skill. The first use creates the bot and a second use removes the bot, but does not refund any micromech or power.