This mission no longer available as of deployment 11.6

Boargar Acquisition
Mission sequence
Requirement: None
Follow-up: Treelurker Samples
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Dr. Munson
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 4,000
Credits: 300

Class I Fragmentation Grenade Class I Fragmentation Grenade
Class I Advanced Med Pack Class I Advanced Med Pack

Item0494.png Overview[]

Acquire 8 Boargar Cell Samples for Dr. Munson in Alia Das.

Item0490.png Objective(s)[]

Acquire 8 Boargar Cell Samples

Boargar Cell Sample Boargar Cell Sample x/8

Item0454.png Dialogue[]


Dr. Munson:

Well, if no one's said it yet, welcome to Foreas. It's a beautiful planet, isn't it. I love the weather here. Oh, I'm Dr. Munson, from the Society of Xenobiologists. In case you're wondering, xenobiology is the study of alien life forms.
We at the society are doing a study on all the indigenous life forms here on Foreas. I'm authorized to pay for samples if you've got the time to bring them to me. To start with, I've been studying the boargar. Have you seen the boargar's [sic] roaming around here? The look like pigs with great big tusks.
The shriek, using the sound both to disorient their foes and to alert other nearby boargars of a threatening presence. The fascinating thing is these creatures have no eyes! They 'see' using natural forms of radar, almost like a bat, sending out signals with the aura viscus between it's [sic] horns.
Because of this, they may be highly vulnerable to sonic attacks, so if you have any sonic weapons, I suggest using them.
I need samples of the boargar's skin cell. If you can bring me 8 good specimens I may be able to get what I need from that. And you will be rewarded once again, don't worry about that.


Dr. Munson:

"Oh, these are pristine! Yes, they'll do quite well. I think this might even be more than I need. I may have enough here to send samples to some of the other scientists. They'll be quite interested in the workings of these creatures.
Our current research indicates that the best way to tackle Boargar is with sonic weaponry. Boargar use radar to stun prey and to find their way around, but it makes them vulnerable to our sonic attacks."

Item0473.png Walkthrough[]

There are plenty of Boargars around Alias Das.